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Southern Gospel Music Guild Advocates for Relief Package Inclusion from Congress

Written by Staff on March 24, 2020 – 1:02 pm -

Southern Gospel Music Guild SGMGNASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 24, 2020) – Many significant organizations and companies within the music industry have submitted a joint letter to congress on behalf of the music industry asking Congress to please include the music industry in any future relief packages, as the music industry has been uniquely and significantly impacted as the result of government mandates related to the Coronavirus pandemic.  One of the organizations that participated in this joint letter was the Southern Gospel Music Guild.

Clarke Beasley

Clarke Beasley

“The SGMG actively looks for ways to advocate for the Southern Gospel Music industry, and we were glad to sign on to this offer petitioning Congress for relief,” states Clarke Beasley, President of the Southern Gospel Music Guild.  “Never in the history Gospel Music, as it is known today, has the industry faced a calamity of this scale and scope, and we hope our voice added to others will compel Congress to act in order to preserve our industry and our genre of music.”

You may a view a copy of the letter HERE, and the Southern Gospel Music Guild asks for professionals within the Southern Gospel Music industry to petition their representatives to support this relief effort.  They can do so at this link, established by The Recording Academy:
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NQC Announces Original Television Series

Written by Staff on March 27, 2019 – 6:09 am -

NQC Announces Original Television Series

NQC Announces Original Television Series

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (March 22, 2019) – NQC – the National Quartet Convention – has announced they are producing an original television series called, NQC’s American Gospel. The program will be hosted by Gerald Wolfe and Joseph Habedank and feature main stage performances from the 2018 National Quartet Convention. The program will have a featured artist for each episode, with that artist being interviewed by Matt Fouch of Legacy Five. Each episode will also feature a segment from the 2018 Gospel Music Hymn Sing.

The half-hour program will be viewable on NQC’s on-demand platforms which include the NQC YouTube Channel, NQCOnline, and Roku Channel, NQCTV. In addition, several television networks have expressed interest in carrying the program on varying days and times with varying launch dates.
Clarke Beasley

Clarke Beasley

“We are excited about this new series, “states Clarke Beasley, NQC’s Executive Vice President. “This program gives viewers the feeling that they are attending the Convention with many of the sites and sounds of the event visible on the program.  We believe this will entice people to want to attend NQC in person.”

NQC – the National Quartet Convention – was formed in 1957 by gospel music legend and former backup vocalist for Elvis Presley, J.D. Sumner who co-produced the event with James Blackwood. The annual convention was moved in later years to Nashville, TN and then to Louisville, KY where it was held for 20 years.

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Please Pray for The Beasley Family

Written by scoopsnews on November 18, 2018 – 6:42 am -


Remembering Les Beasley

Singing News posted this morning:

Les Beasley, the president of the National Quartet Convention and the longtime owner/manager/singer of The Florida Boys, has passed away at the age of 90.

Born in Crockett, Texas, in 1928, Mr. Beasley would go on to become one of Gospel music’s most influential personalities. J.G. Whitfield hired Mr. Beasley in 1953 to sing in his Gospel Melody Quartet, which was later renamed The Florida Boys. After the retirement of Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Beasley assumed part ownership (with Glen Allred and Derrell Stewart) and leadership of the quartet, and continued those roles until 2007.

During his time with The Florida Boys, Mr. Beasley became a key decisive leader in the development, promotion, and expansion of many of the entities that have provided the foundation of the modern era of Gospel music: “The Gospel Singing Jubilee” TV program, the National Quartet Convention, The Gospel Music Association, and others.

Tentative funeral plans include services Tuesday, Nov. 27, at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. The family will share additional information as it is confirmed.

The Beasley family appreciates your prayers during this difficult time.

We at SGN Scoops are praying for Clarke and The Beasley Family and all our friends at the Singing News:


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Written by Staff on July 27, 2015 – 3:10 pm -

nqc logoExtends Options Through 2020!

July 27, 2015 (Pigeon Forge, TN) – NQC (the National Quartet Convention,) one of Gospel music’s largest annual events, has committed to a third year in Pigeon Forge in 2016 and has options on dates through 2020, according to Clarke Beasley, NQC executive vice president, and the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism.
The weeklong event moved to the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge in 2014 and recorded its largest attendance in 13 years, drawing more than 40,000 individuals, Beasley said.
“We’re gearing up now for our second year in Pigeon Forge. This year’s dates are Sept. 27-Oct. 3, and advance indicators confirm that we are again going to have phenomenal attendance,” Beasley said.
NQC was one of the earliest events booked at the LeConte Event Center. NQC leaders committed to 2014 and 2015 while the building was still under construction.
NQC takes full advantage of the 232,599-square-foot facility for nightly concerts, autograph opportunities and tradeshow activity.
“Working with NQC, we are implementing several changes for 2015, including some tiered seating and more space for vendors,” said Phil Campbell, facility manager for the LeConte Event Center.
Beasley expects visitors from at least 40 states and a half-dozen countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.
“Considering the success of 2014, we wanted to lock in 2016 now so people can make travel plans. Dates next year are Sept. 25-Oct. 1,” Beasley said.
NQC started in 1957 in Memphis, Tenn., and later moved to Nashville. It was in Louisville, Ky., for 20 years before relocating to Pigeon Forge.
“Pigeon Forge loves NQC,” said Leon Downey, executive director of the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism.
“NQC entertains its guests royally, and we get to showcase our city and the Great Smoky Mountains. We polled the guests in 2014, and 47 percent of them said they planned to visit us again outside of NQC’s dates,” Downey said.
Information about NQC 2015 is available online at and by calling toll-free800-846-8499.
Visitor information about Pigeon Forge is available online at and by calling 800-251-9100.
Connect with NQC!

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SGN Scoops at the National Quartet Convention

Written by Staff on September 25, 2014 – 3:02 pm -

Clarke Beasley

Clarke Beasley






Gary Casto-Tribute Quartet

Gary Casto of Tribute Quartet

Pictures by Craig Harris of SGN Scoops…one of our roving reporters on the scene at the National Quartet Convention!











Connie Hopper of The Hoppers

Connie Hopper of The Hoppers


Bryan Walker of The Perrys

Bryan Walker of The Perrys


Legacy Five

Legacy Five

Ray Dean Reese and The Kingsmen

Ray Dean Reese and The Kingsmen


The Whisnants

The Whisnants

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Clarke Beasley: At The Helm Of The National Quartet Convention

Written by Staff on September 10, 2013 – 11:04 am -

nqcnewlogoThe National Quartet Convention has long been one of the biggest and most prestigious Southern Gospel institutions. From its humble beginnings in 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee, this weeklong event sees fans and performers from all over the world descending on Louisville Kentucky for six days and nights of Southern Gospel Music. During this last year at Louisville, SGN Scoops is reprinting an SGMRadio feature on the NQC Executive Vice President, Clarke Beasley, about the man behind the helm of what JD Sumner called, “The Grand Daddy of them all”.

Clarke Beasley

Clarke Beasley

Clarke Beasley, son of a man who is also a Southern Gospel institution, Les Beasley, took on the role of Executive Director of the National Quartet Convention in 1993.“It was a big challenge, but it was also very exciting”, Clarke says. “ I had been working at the GMA for two years and had received quite a bit of event planning experience there helping to produce GMA Week.  That really prepared me for the job at NQC… I was hired [initially] to bring all of the convention services in house, i.e. ticketing, advertising promotion, event management, etc., and move our headquarters to Louisville in preparation for the event’s move to Louisville in 1994.”

James Blackwood

James Blackwood

When JD Sumner first conceived the idea of a three-day event, he wanted to bring together artists and industry personnel, which was a unique idea at the time. However, Clarke also pays tribute to another Southern Gospel legend for making the NQC come to life. “[JD] was singing for the Blackwood Brothers at the time and convinced James Blackwood that it was something the Blackwood Brothers should sponsor.  Much credit should be given to James Blackwood for being willing to take the initial risk.”

The National Quartet Convention is now a major production; a yearlong project directed by a board that oversees all of the activities, exhibits, concerts and showcases. What might appear enormously daunting to outside observers, Beasley finds exciting. “It is a multi-faceted event with many moving parts. The challenge is to keep all of the balls in the air without dropping any of them.  That aspect of the job makes it a continuous challenge.”

“I love the event itself, and I always have.  Even though I have enormous responsibilities now, I still love the event as much as I did when I attended the event as a kid.  The actual event itself always charges my batteries for the planning process that takes place throughout the year.”

There are always special occurrences at NQC that are not experienced anywhere else, and as both industry insider and Southern Gospel fan, Clarke has his favourite memories. “The moments that stand out were the Speer Family retirement celebration, the Singing Senators performance (Trent Lott, Larry Craig, John Ashcroft and Jim Jeffords) and of course the Cathedrals Retirement and Glen Payne’s [call-in] performance of “I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone.”  That was probably the most special moment of them all.”


Cathedral Quartet

To those who think that this event has had it’s day, Beasley responds, “Some say that about our music in general.  I believe that as the music goes, so goes the NQC.  That is why I work really hard to expand the economic base of the entire industry through my work with the Southern Gospel Music Guild.”

“SGM is musically charming and unique…however, the most important component of our music is the overt, straight-forward presentation of Biblical truth within its lyric.  We must guard with all vigilance that component of our music to insure that never changes.”

Clarke has seen the industry from both a performer and a promoter outlook. He traveled for several years with the Florida Boys, and knows what it’s like to get on the road, week after week. “What many do not realize is how truly arduous the lifestyle is.  Traveling over 200 days a year is enormously taxing both physically and psychologically.  Those who do it are truly called and gifted.”

Les Beasley

Les Beasley

Having this insight into the life of a Southern Gospel Artist has given Clarke great regard for many of the industry’s performers who have been traveling for decades. This includes his father, Les Beasley. He is grateful to have grown up as the son of one of SGM’s legends. “It was quite a privilege, not just because of his status in Gospel Music, but because of who he is.  I cannot imagine a greater example to emulate.” Clarke continues, “My favorite quote of his is, ‘There is no limit to what someone can do as long as he does not care who receives the credit.’ That is a belief he has lived by.”

The next generation will tell the tale of the future of Southern Gospel. What does Clarke see as the future of SGM? “I see a future where we are a regular component of Sunday morning worship in most churches.  I also see a future where high standards will be set and artists will be required to meet them. These high standards will be set not only in musical excellence but in ministry readiness and in personal conduct.”

“I believe that the next few years will be of critical importance to the next 20 years of the future of our music, and as I said before, as the music goes, so goes the NQC.” Clarke continues, “I am very optimistic on what we can achieve.  I am convinced our music will be used as a powerful tool of evangelism to reach the lost and encourage the believers.”

Clarke Beasley and his team are working hard to pull together an event that will, as always, surpass the year before it. That requires a day-to-day determination to keep to the vision and mission of the event, as they work toward September and the beginning of the next NQC. Even Clarke however, is aware that Southern Gospel and the NQC are rooted in an experience in the daily lives of the singers, songwriters, and all who are involved in this type of musical evangelism. He was reminded of this lesson again recently.

“With one of my close friends and neighbors losing his wife this week, I am reminded that life is precious and short, and I should strive every day to enjoy the God-given blessing of life and make each day contribute something to the Kingdom of God.”

For more information on the National Quartet Convention, click on .


Edited from an SGM Radio website feature entitled “Clarke Beasley: At the Helm of the National Quartet Convention”, published July 2006














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This Week’s Harmony Road TV Program Features National Quartet Convention Videos

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 26, 2013 – 1:32 pm -

This weekend’s Harmony Road television program will be the first of two to exclusively feature videosHarmony Road logo Jan 2013 from the 2012 National Quartet Convention. Harmony Road is teaming up with the convention to help promote the last NQC in Louisville, before it moves to Pigeon Forge, TN in 2014. The dates for this year’s historic event are September 8-14.

Hosted by Singing News Publisher and Solid Gospel Radio host Les Butler, Harmony Road can be found weekly on TNN/The Nashville Network and other broadcast stations and cable outlets. More information can be found at Viewers are also encouraged to “like” Harmony Road on Facebook at to be entered in a contest to win a pair of tickets to this year’s evening events at the National Quartet Convention. Other contests will follow with chances to win an online streaming package and more.

Clarke Beasley, Executive Vice President of the National Quartet Convention says “We are delighted to be partnering with Harmony Road to help promote the 2013 NQC, which will be a very special and historic year as we conclude a wonderful era in Louisville, Kentucky.” Roger Spears, Harmony Road Producer adds “Clarke and the staff at the National Quartet Convention have offered encouraging support of Harmony Road since its inception. We’re proud to team up with them on this series of programs and the exciting contests”. Music on this week’s program includes Legacy 5 with “Living in the Palace”, Tribute Quartet with “Homesick Angel”, “The Old White Flag”, performed by the Triumphant Quartet, Mark Bishop with “God Builds Churches with Broken People” and Jeff and Sheri Easter (with special guest Les Butler on piano) bring us “A Little Bit of Sunshine”.

Other members of the Harmony Road team include Gospel musican Cody McVey with interviews and stories from the road as well as Allan Rhodes, Technical Director.

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National Quartet Convention Announces the NQC Music Awards Nominees

Written by SGN Scoops on July 24, 2012 – 9:55 am -

Louisville, KY – The National Quartet Convention has announced the 2012 nominees for the NQC Music Awards.  In partnership with the Southern Gospel Music Guild, the NQC will present these awards on Friday afternoon during the Friday afternoon Showcase Spectacular in Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY, on September 14.

According to the NQC Executive Vice President, Clarke Beasley, the awards will be presented based on both fan popularity and professional excellence, with two divisions of awards that will be presented.  The first division is the  Fan Awarded categories where awards will be determined by fan voting.   The second division will be the Industry Awarded Categories, which will be determined by the music professionals that participate as exhibitors during the National Quartet Convention. No purchase was required for those that are participating in the voting. All that was required is that they were registered on the NQC e-mail list prior to July 1st.

Beasley also states that the Southern Gospel Music Guild is an important partner in this process, as the SGMG is responsible for determining the category criteria, as well as screen entries for eligibility.  The SGMG professional membership also determines the recipient of the annual Les Beasley Award, given to a person or company that has made a significant impact in the field of Gospel Music.

Below is a complete list of the nominees for the 2012 NQC Music Awards.


Bass Singer of the Year Nominees:

Bennett, Eric – Triumphant Qt

Chapman, Jeff – Kingdom Heirs

Duncan, Tim – Canton Junction

Dustin, Glenn – Legacy Five

Riley, Tim – Gold City


Baritone Singer of the Year Nominees:

Brady, Jim – Booth Brothers

Griffin, Rodney – Greater Vision

Inman, Scott – Triumphant Qt

Lowry, Mark – Gaither Vocal Band

Trammell, Mark – Mark Trammell Qt


Lead Singer of the Year Nominees:

Booth, Ronnie – Booth Brothers

English, Michael – Gaither Vocal Band

Habedank, Joseph – Perrys

Rice, Arthur – Kingdom Heirs

Wolfe, Gerald – Greater Vision


Tenor Singer of the Year Nominees:

Allman, Chris – Greater Vision

Booth, Michael – Booth Brothers

Free, Brian – Brian Free & Assurance

Haase, Ernie – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Phelps, David – Gaither Vocal Band


Soprano Singer of the Year Nominees:

Alvey, Lauren Talley – Talleys

Collingsworth, Brooklyn – Collingsworth Family

Hopper, Kim – Hoppers

Isaacs Yeary, Sonya – Isaacs

Peck Gooch, Karen – Karen Peck & New River


Alto Singer of the Year Nominees:

Easter, Sheri – Jeff & Sheri Easter

Hopper, Connie – Hoppers

Stuffle, Libbi – Perrys

Talley, Debra – Talleys

Whisnant, Susan – Whisnants


Soloist of the Year Award Nominees:

Bishop, Mark

Crabb, Jason

Greene, TaRanda

Parker, Ivan

Penrod, Guy


Male Group of the Year Nominees:

Booth Brothers

Gaither Vocal Band

Greater Vision

Kingdom Heirs

Triumphant Qt


Mixed Group of the Year Nominees:

Collingsworth Family



Karen Peck & New River



Musician of the Year Nominees:

Collingsworth, Kim – Collingsworth Family

Mote, Gordon

Stice, Jeff – Triumphant Qt

Williams, Kevin – Gaither Vocal Band

Wolfe, Gerald – Greater Vision


Album of the Year Nominees:

Celebrate Me Home (Oak Tree) – Perrys

Let It Be Known – Booth Brothers

Part of the Family – Collingsworth Family

Songs From the Heart – Triumphant Quartet

The Only Way – Greater Vision


Song of the Year Nominees:

Almost Home – Triumphant Quartet

Ask Me Why – Legacy Five

Blue Skies Coming – Perrys

I Believe – Brian Free & Assurance

I Know a Man Who Can – Greater Vision

I Want to Know – Mark Trammell Quartet

Please Forgive Me – Gaither Vocal Band

Saved By Grace – Triumphant Quartet

She Still Remembers Jesus Name – Booth Brothers

Tell Me Why – Kingdom Heirs

Who Am I – Jason Crabb




Arranger/Producer of the Year Nominees:

Lari Goss

Wayne Haun

Ben Isaacs

Donna King

Steve Mauldin

Rick Sandidge

David Staton

Roger Talley


Concert Promoter of the Year Nominees:

Bill Bailey

Landon Beene

Ray Flynn

Bill Gaither

Brian Lester

Mike Wheeler


Radio Station of the Year Nominees:

WBOZ – Nashville

WCGW – Lexington

WJBZ – Knoxville

WTRM – Winchester, VA

WXRI – Winston Salem


SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD:  The SGMG Awards and Criteria Committee will pull the Singing News radio charts for the eligibility time period and will assign each songwriter fifteen points for a number one song, ten points for a song in the top ten and five points for a song in the top 20. The total points for the eligibility period will be tabulated for each writer and the writer with the most points will be awarded Songwriter of the Year.


To obtain a complete schedule of events scheduled during the 2012 National Quartet Convention, visit


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Written by SGN Scoops on April 22, 2012 – 4:11 am -

Louisville, KY – The National Quartet Convention Board of Directors has announced the addition of two new board members. Gospel music veterans Mark Trammell and Jim Brady have been named as the most recent additions to the Board. “These two men have years of experience in the Southern Gospel Music genre, and we are excited that they will bring valuable insight to the Board and the goals we have for future events,” states Clarke Beasley, Executive Vice President of the NQC.
Trammell brings nearly four decades of experience to the Board, having performed with such popular groups as The Kingsmen, The Cathedrals, Gold City and Greater Vision before launching his own group, The Mark Trammell Trio, which later evolved to the Mark Trammell Quartet. Recognized for his rich baritone vocals, Trammell is also a dynamic speaker and evangelist.
Brady has become recognized as one of Gospel music’s most prolific songwriters, having written more than 100 songs, recorded by the most popular groups and soloists. Over the years, he has won the hearts of industry members and fans alike with his smooth vocal ability and warm personality. Jim first began singing with his musical family at the tender age of five and has become one Gospel music’s most loved vocalist. After traveling with The Shulers for nearly a decade, he  joined the very successful Booth Brothers in 2002.
Trammell and Brady will prove to be essential as final preparations are being made for the 55th Annual National Quartet Convention, which kicks off  September 9-15, 2012 in Louisville at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. Visit, as a complete schedule of events

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Written by Rhonda on September 20, 2010 – 3:50 am -

Louisville, KY – Author, speaker and political commentator, Sarah Palin served as the keynote speaker on Thursday afternoon at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville. Governor Palin was welcomed to the stage by a thunderous ovation from more than 8,000 attendees. In addition to those attending the event live, it was viewed by subscribers worldwide via the National Quartet Convention’s webcast at

“Politics often divides, but faith unites, and that is what I took away from this event,” one audience member commented when leaving Freedom Hall. During the address, Palin shared of her deep faith, stating “Jesus Christ can turn mourning into dancing. The Lord can take what seems to be life’s greatest challenges and turn them into life’s greatest blessings.  My faith has been a rock.”

Palin went on to state that she grew up listening to Gospel music and was influenced greatly by the music of artists like the Gaithers, who will be featured at the NQC on Friday night. She shared her love for her country and her desire to see our nation turn back to the Godly principles it was founded upon. “Governor Palin shared honestly and candidly from her heart about how her Christian faith has been the primary sustaining force in every difficult circumstance in her life,” NQC Vice President, Clarke Beasley stated following the event.  “She was an inspiration to all of us, and we were all thrilled with her keynote address.”

Special events continue throughout the remainder of the week at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center in Louisville. Noted evangelist Dr David Jeremiah will be the featured speaker on Friday morning, while Dr Charles Stanley will be featured on Saturday. Concerts will be featured throughout the day and evening on Friday and Saturday with many of Gospel music’s most popular artists scheduled to appear throughout the weekend.  Seats for all evening concerts and afternoon showcases are still available and may be purchased at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. A complete schedule of events is available at

n q c

About the 2010 National Quartet Convention: This year marks the 53rd Annual National Quartet Convention. The Convention has made its home in the city of Louisville since 1994. Approximately 40,000 people will attend the 2010 event, with at least 40 states and a half dozen foreign countries represented. The Convention is Christian music’s largest marketplace and largest annual event with more than 500 exhibitors and nearly 300 Southern Gospel recording artists in attendance.

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