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Leaving Louisville: SGN Scoops Staff Share NQC Memories

Written by Staff on September 11, 2013 – 1:04 pm -



As the National Quartet Convention prepares to move from Louisville, Kentucky to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, several SGN Scoops magazine staff writers share their memories of NQC past.


Lou Wills Hildreth

Lou Wills Hildreth


Lou Wills Hildreth shares: My family –the Wills Family of Ft. Worth, Texas–sang at the first NQC in Memphis, and many years thereafter. I have only missed one NQC in all 56 years of the event. Howard and I will be greeting friends this year at the Scoops Booth. Praying God’s blessing on every song and testimony!!!!



Ben Speer

Ben Speer


Dixie Phillips shares: When I was 16, my Mom and Dad started attending church. The new pastor was an avid southern gospel fan. He and his wife invited my parents and me to attend NQC in Memphis. I was so excited when my parents agreed to go. I will never forget when Ben Speer sang “The Brush.” My life was changed forever. I was hooked. Southern Gospel Music is music with a message and I am so honored to be a part of it.


Jake Hess

Jake Hess

Lorraine Walker shares: I began to attend the NQC when it was still in Nashville. I remember a few highlights as well as the long cement slope to the basement  exhibit hall . I remember hearing one of the last times that JD Sumner and the Stamps sang together, the announcement of Kim Hopper Greene joining the Hoppers, Tony Greene’s proposal to Taranda Kiser, as well as what would be the last NQC of Jake Hess, Vestal and Howard Goodman, George Younce and Roger Bennett. I remember watching a new family group called The Crabb Family come on stage with their whole church in one section of the auditorium cheering them on. I am sorry to be missing this last year in Louisville but I know great things are in store for future NQC’s!

The Nelons

The Nelons

Craig Harris shares: Moments and memories are what life in general is all about. They are what make anything that is important to you special. This is my 14th year of attending the National Quartet Convention and it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. A one-song spot on the main stage on Tuesday evening surprisingly took me back to some of my earliest of days at NQC here in Louisville, which is the only NQC venue that this Southern Gospel follower has ever experienced.

As the Stephens Family stepped out on the stage, I had no idea that the soprano singer – Melody Stephens – was going to lead me on a brief stroll down Memory Lane. Stephens was the soprano for the Nelons when I first started following Southern Gospel music. I didn’t grow up around the genre as so many did. I simply discovered it – with the assistance of a few friends and borrowed CDs – around 1998. But the Nelons were one of those groups that came to the main stage in those early days and just brought it.

Melody Stephens

Melody Stephens

I was still learning and understanding the dynamics of Southern Gospel music when I attended my first NQC in 2000. I only stayed for two nights that year. NQC has been a week-long event ever since. That configuration of the Nelons – with Melody, Paul Lancaster (one of my favorite singers) and Dan Clark (who had a pleasant-sounding bass tone that simply fit the group well) – was probably my favorite. Songs like “Where Sin Had Been Pardoned,” “He Called Me Out,” and the vastly-underrated “You Ain’t Seen the Last of Jesus” suckered me in to this genre of music hook, line and sinker. In fact, “He Called Me Out” was on the NQC Live 1999 DVD and CD (along with the Perrys unbelievable version of “When He Spoke”), prompting me to want to make the journey from the Nashville area to Louisville to see what this Quartet Convention was really all about.

The Nelons followed that era up with more great singers like Katy Van Horn Peach and more great songs, such as “He Rolled Back the Stone.” They are still producing great music today and undoubtedly making memories for some person out there who is just figuring out what NQC is all about. The Stephens family brought some memories back to life for me on Tuesday night. I hope that you all are not only having fond remembrances this week but are also making new memories. Don’t waste an opportunity to truly live and experience all that there is to offer. Have a great week and simply enjoy.

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Written by SGN Scoops on April 16, 2013 – 6:14 pm -

April 16, 2013 (Nashville, TN) – IMC Management in association with Showcase Management announced today plans for CATHEDRALFAMILYREUNIONWEBBANNERthe Cathedrals Family Reunion event to be held November 8-9, 2013 in  Fort Worth, TX at the MacGorman Performing Arts Center. For the first time ever, the event will feature Scott Fowler, Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase, Mark Trammell and Gerald Wolfe together on one stage singing the classic songs of The Cathedrals. In addition, the weekend will feature appearances by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, Mark Trammell Quartet and Danny Funderburk.

In a video press conference, Landon Beene, IMC Management President, made the announcement along with Scott Fowler, Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase, Mark Trammell and Gerald Wolfe. Les Butler (Singing News/Solid Gospel) began the press conference, introduced Beene, and then each individual was asked to share their favorite memory from their time with the legendary quartet.

Celebrating the legacy of the iconic Cathedral Quartet, the event will feature music from each of the current artists as well as special CatPC-April2013once-in-a-lifetime “reunion moments” during every unique session of the event. Several surprises and activities are scheduled including an exhibit of Cathedrals’ memorabilia and a very special chance to see and tour “Silhouette,” the last touring bus George Younce, Glen Payne, Roger Bennett and all The Cathedrals traveled millions of miles in. A Q&A session with The Cathedrals alumni will be a special highlight of the event and is sure to delight fans with a “behind-the-scenes” look into the world of The Cathedrals.

“It has been a personal dream of mine, and countless Cathedral aficionado’s, to see all of these men come together again,” said Landon Beene. “Since the farewell concert in 1999, they have not shared the stage together. Now, this dream will become a reality. You don’t want to miss this!”

To see the full video press conference, click HERE.

Tickets for this special weekend will go on sale Monday, June 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM CST. More information can be found online at

Photo: Ernie Haase, Scott Fowler, Gerald Wolfe, Landon Beene, Danny Funderburk, Mark Trammell and Les Butler pause for a photo during the press conference.

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