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Sheri LaFontaine Back in the Studio

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 17, 2020 – 8:39 am -

Sheri LaFontaine Back in the Studio

Sheri LaFontaine Back in the Studio

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn  After seven years, award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Sheri LaFontaine stepped back into Daywind Recording Studio to record her 5th solo album – produced by Dove Award winner, Marty Funderburk and Sheri, herself. The album is set to be released in late November, just in time for Christmas. The CD is titled, “Honest,” which Sheri says comes from a deep place.

Sheri stated,” This project is a celebration of embracing hope after a season of depression and loss. My Daddy passed away in January of this year. These songs come from a very vulnerable and honest place. that I hope people will relate to and be blessed by. “

Honest is a unique combination of original songs written by Sheri and a few covers, such as the Teddy Huffam’s “I’m Rich”, Kim Hopper’s “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” and Mercy Me’s “Greater”.

Sheri shares some exciting news about a song that will be coming to radio soon. “The Lord sent me a fun little song at the last minute, that I was able to co write with a friend from South Africa, Frank Naude. It will be the first single from the album and a duet with the amazing, Mitchel Jon “. Most Southern Gospel fans know, Jon, from his days with Three Bridges and his appearances on the Gaither Homecoming videos.

To learn more about Sheri LaFontaine go to  Sheri’s Music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Apple, Amazon, You Tube, Napster and many others.

You can Tweet Sheri at


To book Sheri LaFontaine, contact The Covenant Agency by E-mail at or call 812-292-0069

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The Luck of the Red Head in Southern Gospel

Written by Staff on April 21, 2015 – 6:03 pm -

Sheri LaFontaine

Sheri LaFontaine

By Sheri LaFontaine

We’ve heard it said that blondes have more fun, but there is a group of gingers that will tell you a very different story. According to a Clairol Color Attitude survey, 71% of redheads think that the word “bold” best describes them, which is 24 points ahead of blonds. This certainly makes sense, being that redheads are known for their fiery passion.
​Just like Little Orphan Annie, Opie Taylor, Lucy, Prince Harry and Reba, our Southern Gospel industry has experienced many carrot-tops in the spotlight. From the ultimate Irish tenor, Larry Ford, to the living legend, Lou Hildreth, no one can deny the talent that comes with those orange locks.
Scientists say that red hair and blue eyes are the rarest combination in the world, which makes Olivia Collingsworth a unique beauty.

imageSheri: Where did your red hair come from?
Olivia: My red hair actually came from my great Grandpa. After I was born my parents could not figure out where it came from, because nobody in our family had red hair except for one of my cousins and she got it from a different side of her family. My parents had only seen black and white photos of my dad’s Grandpa, but one day they saw one in color and realized he had red hair. Kinda put two and two together!
Sheri: Do you like it?
Olivia: Since I was little, I never really minded my red hair! I always kinda liked being different than everyone else!

imageMoving from one baby of a talented family to another. Miss Kennedy Hayes of the Mylon Hayes Family is winning the hearts of audiences across the country. Born on October 31st, she truly is the perfect little pumpkin.
Sheri: What’s the best part of having red hair?
Kennedy: The best part about being a redhead is that it is rare! And to have brown eyes is unique, and it’s how God made me! Sometimes I wish I didn’t have red hair when people ask if I have a temper to go with it.
Sheri: Have you ever been made fun of because of your hair?
Kennedy: Since I am home-schooled, I have never been teased, unless you count my brothers. When I was maybe four years old, we were walking on the beach and a lady asked my mom if she colored my hair! Wow…some people can ask funny questions!
We couldn’t possibly write an article like this without speaking to the amazing tenor with the bushy red mustache, Larry Ford.
Sheri: Are you actually Irish?
imageLarry: Yes, I am very Irish. My dad’s family is, of course, Fords. My mom’s family is Kennedy.
Sheri: Have you ever been to Ireland?
Larry: Our first trip to Ireland was in 1995 and it was really a homecoming for me.
Sheri: Is there a downside to being a true redhead?
Larry: Along with the red hair there’s often a tendency to have really white skin that doesn’t much like the sun. I’ve always had a “farmer’s tan” and more freckles on my left arm (driving with the window rolled down) than my right arm. One time I was at a church in the Florida Keys. On Saturday the pastor and I went out to snorkel and catch lobster. Always mindful of how easily I burn, I applied Bullfrog sunscreen to my face, neck and arms. We probably spent two or three hours out on the water. Later that afternoon, I felt a burning sensation. The two or three inch strip between where my swim shorts and T-shirt did not meet, was cooked. Also, the backs of my knees were cooked. I couldn’t even bend my legs to walk. I was walking stiff legged when I walked into church the next morning. Note to self: ALWAYS take the time to apply sunscreen to every area that might even possibly be exposed to Florida sun. If you don’t, it can be extremely painful and dangerous for your skin. However, the lobster was really good.

Next we spoke with the triplets that named their group after the hue of their beautiful hair.
Sheri: So, how do you like having/being Red Roots?
Red Roots: We love being redheads because it makes us different in a lot of ways. We aren’t crazy about the sunburns but everything else is all right.
Sheri: Where did you get it from?
Red Roots: We got our red hair from our mom and she said that when she was young, people used to tease her about being red headed by saying a funny phrase. “I’d rather be dead than red on the head.”
Poor Momma Red Roots.

Tribute Quartet

Tribute Quartet

Josh Singletary is one of the brightest people in the business today. And I’m not just talking about his hair.
Sheri: What are some of the things you hear a lot from the fans?
Josh: I’m constantly asked if I color it. And the red hair confirms to people that I’m from Ireland, even though they know tons of redheads that live down the street that are as redneck as they come.
Sheri: Any perks that come with having orange hair?
Josh: Well, regardless of the hundreds of folks in line for the ride, my youth director never had any trouble at theme parks, knowing where we were in the line for a roller coaster. And he seemed to ALWAYS know when MY turn on the roller coaster was done!

A true sweetheart in this industry is the beautiful, Misty Freeman.
Sheri: Do you have any Irish in you?
Misty: I’m a mutt so I’m sure there is Irish in there somewhere.
Sheri: So how has life been for you, as a redhead?
Misty: Growing up, it was never popular to have red hair. Only older people thought it was pretty. But as a teenager I started loving it. I felt different but in a good way. My husband jokingly says he married me in spite of my red hair. When our daughter was born I just knew she’d have red hair. It was the first thing I asked the nurse “does she have red hair?” To which she sternly replied, ” She’s healthy!” She had pretty dark brown hair! Which Bryce was happy about.
Fast forward two years, I’m having my son and never ever thought I’d have a redheaded son. But the first thing I hear is Reba Rambo in the delivery room saying, “look at that red hair!”
They showed him to me and his hair was bright orange and all I could do was giggle!! What a fun surprise. We definitely get a lot of attention with those red curls but we’ve also had a lot of negative comments too. One man in line with us one day said, “poor little guy having to grow up with that hair”. I hope he grows up to love his.
Sheri: Where did you get it from?
Misty: I get it from both sides of the family. My mom had red hair and my dad did when he was a baby. I have aunts and cousins that are redheads too. The older I get the more I love it!

Only 1-2% of the world’s population are natural redheads. Although parting the red hair can hardly be compared to parting the Red Sea, it is still a rare and extraordinary miracle of God. Some could call it luck, but I think that Joel Hemphill said it best when he penned the song, “Don’t Call Me Lucky, Call Me Blessed.”

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Vertical Sky Welcomes Sheri LaFontaine To Radio Team

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 3, 2012 – 8:32 pm -

Nashville, TN  Donna (Beauvais) King has always been a visionary, but, with every dream she’s had, she’s learned God’s dreams are even bigger. Such is the case with the expansion of her company, Vertical Sky. The company is thrilled to welcome Sheri LaFontaine to the radio promotion and publicity team.

Sheri will be relocating to Nashville, TN from Holland, OH, where she is currently the morning show co-host on Christian radio station WPOS. She will work, side by side, with Donna in radio promotion and press, and assist in other areas, as the need arises. This will be a great benefit to the company, but more importantly, that benefit will be felt directly by artists and record companies working with Vertical Sky.

Donna expresses, “I knew an addition was becoming inevitable, but I also knew I had to wait for just the right person for the job. My artists and the record companies I work with need and expect a strong team at Vertical Sky. When I learned Sheri was seeking a job in Nashville that would fit her qualities and her career path, I immediately had my answer. Sheri brings every level of experience necessary to be excellent in this role. She is an outstanding musician/singer/songwriter, is very familiar with our music, is experienced in radio programming, and is an all around wonderful people person with a heart of gold. I am SO excited to welcome her to Vertical Sky!!”

Vertical Sky’s Volume Four-October 2012 compilation disc and download will be shipping to radio the week of October 15th. For radio service, email For more on Vertical Sky, visit their Facebook page at or on twitter @theverticalsky.

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October Issue of SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 24, 2011 – 7:18 pm -

We are proud of this month’s issue of SGNScoops Magazine. In the October edition, read the inside Scoop on the Collingsworth Family, Jason Crabb, Sheri LaFontaine and Adam Brown. This month’s album reviews feature new music from Russ Taff, Selah, Four Fold and Crawford Crossing.  Be sure to read a review on Sheri Easter’s new book, “Hear My Heart.”  Staff writer, Lorraine Walker has written part one of a three part series concerning the media and the gospel. This month, the focus is on the Christian Film Industry and  the new movie “Courageous” is highlighted. Publisher, Rob Patz shares his thoughts about NQC  and the late Charles Burke is remembered by many friends in this issue. As always, this edition offers plenty of inspiration and encouragement to lift spirits. We are proud of our experienced staff of writers for bringing the latest developments in the Southern Gospel Industry with integrity. This month’s contributors include Sandi Duncan Clark, Lorraine Walker, Stephanie Kelley, Rob Estep, Jeff Hawes, Lou Wills Hildreth, Jennifer Campbell, Victoria Shirey, Laurette Willis, Rhonda Frye, Rob Patz and our newest addition- John Mathis Jr.  We also welcome our new layout/ graphic designer, Pete Schwager to the staff. Thank you for reading SGNScoops magazine and please remember to share it with your friends! Click Here

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Chris Hester Releases Reach Album

Written by SGN Scoops on September 6, 2011 – 9:42 am -

{Crescendo Gospel Music Management} Gospel music superstar Chris Hester has proudly released his new album “Reach” to all major digital download sites. 
“Reach” is a collection of anointed songs from gifted writers such as Gerald Crabb, Chris Binion, Sheri LaFontaine and more. “Reach has been an album that has pushed me to a new level. There is just something special about this album. I feel as if it is something that not just every album could offer. There really is a special anointing upon this album. We can’t wait to see how God is going to use this album to minister to those hurting in a lost lonely dying world,” explains Hester.
“Reach” Features a very special song entitled “Miracle In Reach” penned by legendary gospel music song writer Gerald Crabb. “In January of this year I awoke to my right eye being swollen shut and the whole right side of my face being numb. The saying I had a face for radio had never been truer. After seeing a doctor I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. My doctors ordered me off the road for 6 weeks to prevent any stress to my body that could cause my condition to worsen. Immediately I started praying for a miracle. I truly believed God was going to heal me so I could continue his work, And he did. What doctors were expecting to take 6 weeks to recover God recovered in 2 weeks.  Its our Faith that will put our “Miracle in Reach”-Hester
Reach is available on almost all digital media sources including iTunes 
and CD Baby 
For more information about the ministry of Chris Hester, please visit

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Chris Hester to Release “REACH”

Written by SGN Scoops on July 12, 2011 – 8:54 am -

{CGMM} Chris Hester nears completion of new CD project titled “REACH”
After many months of preparation the newest Chris Hester CD is not far from being within reach to the many fans that are anxiously awaiting a new release from the master of country gospel. The new CD is certain to be a hit to all gospel and country music lovers! Engineered and produced by the one and only Kevin Ward and songs by one of a kind writers like Gerald Crabb, Sheri LaFontaine, and many more! You don’t want to miss out on this album! Keep watching for more info and a release date because the project is just almost in “REACH”
For more information on the ministry of Chris Hester please visit

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Audio Files: Sheri LaFontaine

Written by Scoops Staff on February 17, 2011 – 2:12 pm -

SGN Scoops Exclusive:

In a brand new interview, Sheri LaFontaine talks to Rob Patz about her new recording!

Click here or on the picture to listen.

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Sheri LaFontaine Hits the Charts

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 28, 2011 – 5:55 pm -

Singer/songwriter, Sheri LaFontaine is pleased to announce her first charting single on the Singing News Top 80. Her latest, New Every Morning is the first release from Sheri’s new cd, Something More and has debuted at #65 for the month of March 2011.
The Something More project continues to display the range and versatility that has helped her win the hearts of her audiences for over 20 years. This dynamic album showcases not only her songwriting brilliance and captivating voice but also her love for God.
“I cried after getting the call that my song had hit the charts,” she chuckles. “It may seem silly to some, but it really means the world to me that people are requesting it and the DJ’s are playing it. I’ve been honored to see other artists climb the charts with songs that I’ve written, but this is truly overwhelming. Feeling so blessed right now.”

Sheri began singing while traveling with her abundantly talented family, led by her father John LaFontaine, a minister for over 48 years.

In 1994 with Grammy nominated singer Jeff Easter on board as producer, she recorded her first solo project, Takin’ My Place. “The first time I heard Sheri LaFontaine, I was so impressed that I called my wife, Sheri and said, ‘You’ve got to hear this girl! She’s unbelievably talented,’” stated Jeff.

Shortly thereafter, Sheri received a call from the top promoter in southern gospel, Frank Arnold and was asked to join his group, The Arnolds on the road. While touring with the Arnolds, the group had several songs to chart featuring LaFontaine’s signature voice. When Nothing But a Miracle Will Do, I’m Glad and God’s Still Faithful receive airplay to this day across the country.

After several years of traveling Sheri felt the Lord leading her to focus on her solo career and songwriting. In 2004 she signed a songwriting contract with one of the industry’s top recording labels, Daywind Music. Sheri has written such charting singles as, While I Wait by LordSong, Everyday It Starts All Over Again by Three Bridges, All I Ever Need by the Crist family, Under the Circumstance by Misty Freeman and many more. For more information visit

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