Classic Artists Records, LLC and the Sheltons announce an exclusive partnership that covers recording, promotion and artist development. This partnership is an extension of friendships that have spanned over 30 years.


Charlie Griffin says, “I am really excited at the opportunities we have together. The Sheltons are truly a rare gem in southern gospel music. Pure class on stage and off, they are the real deal. They are just good people! The Sheltons have repackaged their new cd under the Classic Artists label.  “A Childs Request” is a cd collection of heritage songs that truly reflect a strong message of faith and hope but more importantly features that Shelton family harmony. There new radio single I KNOW YOU is charting nationwide and entered the Singing News Chart at 78 after a one month release.”


The Sheltons with Charlie Griffin from Classic Records LLC
The Sheltons with Charlie Griffin from Classic Artists Records LLC

With Classic Artists Records, The Sheltons will be more focused on building lasting relationships with gospel music fans, promoters, pastors and being available for media. There will be an increased emphasis on conventional, internet and pay on demand radio and TV. The Sheltons have an interactive website and look to be engaged with gospel music fans with various internet promotions and projects. The future is indeed bright for the Sheltons and Classic Artists Records.


THE SHELTONS started singing in 1960 as the George Shelton Family from Pickens, S.C. They sung at local church revivals and homecomings in Pickens, Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg and Oconee Counties. It wasn’t long until they found themselves also singing throughout Western NC and North Georgia releasing five recordings along the way from 1960 to 1964. The group at that time consisted of brothers and sister: George Shelton, Jr and Sandra Shelton, Gail Shelton, Devon Shelton; Elwyn Shelton and father, George Shelton, Sr who played rhythm guitar.


The Sheltons with Charlie Griffin from Classic Artists Records LLCBy the mid 60’s they had won an Arthur Smith talent contest gaining them an appearance on his television show.  They also appeared on the nationally syndicated Bob Poole TV show and the Harvesters Quartet TV show. They began touring full-time across the U.S. appearing in churches, city auditoriums, high schools and county fairs and were soon invited to become part of The Blue Ridge Quartet’s nationally syndicated television show and toured the U.S. and Canada with them from 1970-72.


They also appeared on the WWVA Jamboree in Wheeling, WV and on the Grand Ole Gospel Opry at the Ryman Auditorium and Opryland in Nashville, TN. With the Blue Ridge Quartet, the Sheltons recorded one album (Together) that cemented a life-long friendships with Kenny Gates, Bill Crowe, Laverne Tripp, Donnie Seabolt, Fred Daniel and Burl Strevel. The family is quick to acknowledge “To them we owe a debt of gratitude and respect.”


Classic Artists Records LLCAs their albums had started receiving increased radio airplay in 1967 they were offered a recording contract on the HALO label with MARK V recording studio in Greenville, SC.


Today Sandra, Frankie and George Jr carry on the family’s rich tradition of sharing their message of faith and hope through Southern Gospel music. He continues, “58 years is a long time but we still love singing as a family. It gets better all the time!”


In May 2016 THE SHELTONS were inducted into the South Carolina Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The first time since the SC Hall Of Fame inception that an entire group was inducted at once.


George shares “The first Halo album we recorded was titled “Heartfelt Gospel” and has the first known recording of the song “Jesus Is Coming Soon.” They introduced the song to their lineup in 1966. 50 years ago this year! Today this song still gets such a positive response. It is truly a southern gospel classic!”  That song goes along way with their induction in the SC Hall Of Fame. It is a Shelton’s trademark song. The Sheltons are also credited for introducing another classic song, JESUS IS MINE.


Classic Artists Records is a recording network of artists who are friends and share a common bond in music, attitude, entertainment and faith. Friendships that have lasted over 30 years or more mold this network of co-operation. Life is a journey and yes, “We are in this thing together!”


Today Classic Artists Records shares one mission- a quality recording with real message music. Our artists seek to provide a real life affirming, positive messages in churches, auditoriums, concert halls, festivals, fairs and any number of concert venues. On a recording or in person, the mission is constant.


It is gospel music! There will be lots of singing, laughs, sharing and even some teaching in the personal appearances of the Classic Artists Records talents. Gospel music is message music that is encouraging and fun anytime. On the radio? It is pure listening enjoyment!


It is entertainment! Yes, we want you to enjoy the music and stories. We want you to allow the blessings of life to provide “joy for the journey.” We want you to take a song and sing it long after the concert ends.


Whether you schedule one or more artists for your next time of worship, singspiration or night of gospel music, you will enjoy the professionalism and quality of music that is shared with your friends at Classic Artists Records!


As the Sheltons are experiencing a renewed energy in gospel music, you can enjoy them in your church, concert venue or special event. Contact The Sheltons, George Shelton, Jr at 352-238-3833. You can email You can visit their website for more information on the music and news.


Classic Artists Records music downloads are available now from Access each artist by name for the current releases for conventional, internet and pay-on-demand radio programming for current Classic Artists Records talent, The Sheltons, Pine Ridge Boys and Charlie Griffin.


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