Dixie Melody Boys Announce New Lead Singer

AUSTINWith the departure of Mike Rogers, the Dixie Melody Boys have been searching for the last few weeks for a new lead singer. Over 300 men applied, applications coming in from all parts of America as well as 3 countries including London, England. “We listened to each demo and prayed that God would send us the right fit for where the group is headed. There were so many great singers, many already established names in Gospel music so it was hard to narrow them down.” Said Matt Felts. After sorting through the overwhelming response, the group auditioned ten men. “Each one brought something completely different and special to the table. We took a different approach than usual and had the men spend the day with us and all go to lunch together. It was a great way to get to know them more.” Added Ed O’Neal. “I met a young man at NQC last year and he stuck in my mind. We invited him in last week to audition. His voice was powerful and anointed but his personality instantly fit right in. After the last man left, we talked and decided to offer him the job. We are excited to announce Austin Foster as the new lead singer for the Dixie Melody Boys” said Matt Felts.
Austin Foster is 18 years old and from Birmingham, Alabama. Austin is the son of well-known promoter and radio host Ron Foster. Austin has been singing for years and has appeared with Michael English and many others on stage. “We are excited to have Austin with us. I know the fans will love him. He is true Southern Gospel and a great young man. His ability to sing the great songs of the past as well as the newer songs we do makes him a unique talent.” Said Ed O’Neal. Austin had this to say regarding joining the legendary group, “I am super excited to sing with the Dixie Melody Boys. I have been listening to these guys all my life. It is an honor to share the stage with them. “
The Dixie Melody Boys have been known for breaking new talent into the industry. Unlike any other, Ed O’Neal has had an eye for talent and has introduced McCray Dove, Rodney Griffin, Devin McGlamery, Harold Reed, Ernie Haase and so many others to Gospel music. “His ability to maintain one of the top groups year after year while launching so many young men’s career is amazing. While others look for singers in other groups, Ed gives new faces a chance and cultivates Gospel music for years to come. That is an incredible legacy to leave behind. Austin is sure to add to that rich tapestry. “ Said David Staton, Executive V.P. of Song Garden Music Group.
The Dixie Melody Boys will back in the studio in June to finish their new album which will feature new members Aaron Dishman and Austin Foster. For more information, go to www.dixiemelodyboys.com. The Dixie Melody Boys would like to thank Josh Garner from Freedom for filling in while they searched for a new lead singer.