Forgiven Quartet Lands 1st Singing News Top 80

After several years of ministering together the guys of Forgiven Quartet are celebrating their 1st top 80 song on the Singing News charts! “But For A Cross” has entered in as #70 on the charts and the guys couldn’t be more excited. “But For A Cross” comes fresh off Forgiven quartet’s latest cd release “Livin’ Forgivin'” released by Garden Creek Records.

Zack Swain of Crescendo Gospel Music Management states ” When Mark Brooke 1st gave me the cd at lunch one day I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the album. I had never heard anything bad from the group but I had also not heard the group in a couple of years. It didn’t take long at all to see why this song is gaining popularity around the world. The whole album is one of the best traditional southern gospel albums I have heard in a LONG time. The cd is still in my car cd player to this day and I find myself listening to it very frequently. I’d urge anyone that is a fan of gospel music to purchase this album on iTunes or through the groups website. It is what I like to called “Anointed Excellence”