FUN FACT FRIDAY with the Freemans on SGN Scoops

Freemans 2015
Freemans 2015


We have made it another week. Only 58 days until Creekside 2015! One of our fabulous artists who are joining us on Nov 2-5 is the Freemans. They are Diamond Award winners and chart-toppers, with wonderful Country-Southern-Progressive vocals. You will want to come to Pigeon Forge, TN for this group alone!

This week I got an inside look of memories and road life with The Freemans. Check it out…

Q: What is your favorite singing memory?
Chris: “I have been singing too many years for me to go back and try to single out a favorite moment, but one that definitely stands out in my mind is the first time I won The Queen of Gospel Music.”
Darrell: “My favorite memory was performing in The Dominican Republic at the school in the inner city. They were the loudest crowd ever for the number. They were hungry for gospel music.”
Joe: “My favorite singing memory was recently, in Branson, when the fantastic crowd we had on the Branson Belle at the end of the concert stood and clapped forever. It made the whole group and I feel so wonderful. It was priceless! We sang, “Lead Me Home,” and so many people left with joy restored and peace; knowing that their loved ones were in a better place.”
Misty: “My favorite singing memory is the first week I brought Addie on the road. She wouldn’t let anyone else hold her and I had to do all the concerts with her in my arms.”
Caylon: “My favorite singing memory was the first ‘Legends on the Sea’ cruise, and being able to have fun and perform with some of the most talented artists in the world.”

The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards
The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards

Q: What is your favorite pasttime while on the road?
Chris: “I read a lot, as well as make bracelets and play games. I got hooked on that when Caylon was very young. We would play Mario for hours on the bus just to keep him entertained. He would pat me on the back and tell me I was the greatest mom in the world because I played Mario with him. I might add that I was GREAT at it, Lol!”
Darrell: “I get up a little late during road time. I look for lunch or breakfast, watch a little TV and then get ready for business for the King. I always can’t wait!”
Joe: “The other one is a hard one, because I am usually driving. If I am not driving, I am in the buddy seat looking out enjoying God’s creation.”
Misty: “I like to read during my down time on the bus.”
Caylon: “My favorite pasttime on the road is reading. I have read countless books over 14 years while on the road.”

2015 full logo creeksideIf you haven’t already, make your plans NOW to attend Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2015. From November 2-5, Creekside 2015 will be filled with music, fun and fellowship. Tickets are FREE but must be reserved now. As well as the Freemans, other artists appearing include the Hinson Family, the Guardians, the Hoskins Family, 11th Hour, the Williamsons, Mark209, the Pine Ridge Boys, Jordan’s Bridge, and more.

Diamond Awards Top Five Nominees Announced
Diamond Awards Top Five Nominees Announced

Join us on the Tuesday evening, November 3, for the 2015 Diamond Awards! This gala ceremony is always filled with surprise artists and guests. Vote today for your favorites of the TOP FIVE nominees. Vote here: 2015 Diamond Awards Voting. 

Creekside Gospel Music Convention is held in Pigeon Forge, TN,  at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center For more information, latest news and artists scheduled to appear, visit the Creekside website here or our page on Facebook here: