High Notes by Kelly Nelon Clark

The Nelons
The Nelons

Psalm 108:1, “My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.”

Music makes the heart sing!

He had been excited all day about coming to the concert. For the first time in months, he was smiling. He remembered things. You see; my dear friend has Alzheimer’s. His memory lapses and sometimes he doesn’t know his own family. That day he was so excited to come see me.
His sons were not coming fast enough and he got a little agitated. So he got out of his chair to walk and get his jacket on. The only problem was he forgot he couldn’t walk. He fell pretty hard. He later told me, “I’m gonna be blue tomorrow.”
I have known this sweet man since I was 16 years old. He had been bringing us (to this venue) all these years. He arrived at the concert. I didn’t even know he was coming! I had been told that he was in a nursing home and his memory was really bad. As I was singing, I looked to my left and there he was, smiling as big as I had ever seen, singing every word to the songs.
As I walked toward him, I prepared myself. He probably wouldn’t remember me. The closer I got, the bigger he smiled. He said, “Kelly it is so good to see you!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I have known you since you were 16 years old. Your dad brought you here all these years.” I think his boys were as surprised as me. It was amazing the things he told me. He thanked me for calling him when his wife died. She always made sloppy joes when we came. Funny the things you remember on the road.
​I went back to the stage to finish the program and he sang with us the whole time. Our last song was, “Because He Lives.” People were standing everywhere in worship. He looked around and said to his sons, “I want to stand too.” As they helped him up I could only concentrate on my friend who can’t walk, wanting to stand for Jesus. As he did, my eyes welled in tears. Those of us with good legs sometimes don’t stand and praise the Lord, but my friend gave all he could give to stand.
After the concert they wheeled him past the product table so he could speak to me. He told his boys once again he wanted to stand so he could hug me and tell me goodbye. As I watched the struggle to stand, I couldn’t help but just cry. He hugged me and cried himself and told me once again that it meant so much to him that I called. I hugged him wondering if this would be the last time I would get to see him. If so, I know the Lord was there with us, and I saw what music can do. It opens minds and hearts and even brings smiles and tears.


Kelly Nelon
Kelly Nelon

My friend had been sad for months, but music awakened the very depths of his heart and soul, if only for the moment. I thank the Lord for the power of music and that He allows me to carry that gift to the world. I’m humbled.
I just wanted to call my father and tell him who came tonight.

By Kelly Nelon Clark

First published by SGN Scoops in July 2015

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