Hoppers and Original Hopper Brothers and Connie plan Homecoming

DEN, NC — The Hoppers, from nearby Madison, are longtime favorites among members of the Gaither Homecoming videos, television shows and concert events. They are also legends in the Southern Gospel music industry.
In recent decades they have crisscrossed the nation repeatedly, and circled the globe many times, sharing the life-changing Good News in song and tight, family harmony.

Just as importantly, the Hoppers are homefolks from Rockingham County, and are especially proud of their North Carolina heritage.
In keeping with this, they are currently planning the Hoppers Homecoming, to be held in Eden, on Sat., Nov. 28th, at Osborne Baptist Church.

For the evening, the Hoppers — Claude, Connie, Mike, Dean, and Kim — will present a variety of songs that have garnered national attention for the mixed group. For example, they will perform favorites like “Shoutin’ Time,” “Anchor to the Power of the Cross,” “Jerusalem,” “I’ve Come Too Far,” and songs from their new album, Unforgettable. Also, they will sing Christmas carols and holiday favorites.

According to Claude, founder and manager of the group, the Hoppers are especially energized about performing back home.

“It is always a blessing for us to showcase the Gospel message in song, but it’s personally meaningful for us to be together with homefolks—here in Eden.”

As special guests, the Original Hopper Brothers & Connie will reunite for the evening. Original members, Claude, Monroe, Steve, Will, and Connie Hopper, will sing many of the songs from the earliest days of their musical adventure.

“We are extremely excited about this for it’s always a thrill to sing with my brothers,” Claude added. “We started out as farm boys that loved to sing together. Although we’re all older now, nothing has changed—we still have a blast together!”

Over more than 50-years of ongoing ministry, it seems clear that the Hoppers have not forgotten the eternal purposes behind their singing and stage performance; and there is a renewed excitement brewing in Eden over the upcoming concert event.

“It’s been continual ministry, long miles, and mighty miracles since this group’s early days of harmonizing in the tobacco fields in and around Rockingham County,” Claude said. “We still live at the home-place outside Madison.”

“It’s our goal that Christians from all walks of life will enjoy this Gospel music experience,” he added, “and we hope everyone receives a special touch from the Savior during the concert. Come, celebrate the holiday season with us right here at home.”

“We plan to pull out all the stops for this big night!” Dean Hopper said. “This is a chance for us to thank our many friends and family for their years of support and encouragement. We also look forward to visiting with everyone during and after the concert.”

The evening will capitalize on the strengths of each of the members of The Hoppers in unusual musical settings. The result will be a rich musical tapestry.

“After the concert, my family looks forward to meeting and greeting many of our friends who attend,” Dean added. “We look at it as a great opportunity to get to know everyone!”

The Homecoming is sponsored by the Hopper Heritage Foundation, and will officially mark the launch another active year of sharing the Gospel message in song for the Rockingham County group. Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Gold advantage seating is $20 (100 seats available), and general admission is $10. Osborne Baptist Church is located at 326 East Stadium Dr., Eden, NC.

For more information about the Hoppers, contact the group by writing: The Hoppers, 2811 US Hwy 220, Madison, NC 27025, or call: (336) 548-2968, or email: info@thehoppers.com.

Pictured: Kim, Dean, Mike, Connie and Claude Hopper, of the Hoppers.