Meadow Lane Set to Release First Single with Hey Y’all Media and Lyric Press Music

Meadow Lane’s “Praise the Lord” to be sent to radio in March.
Cleveland, TN – March 1, 2015:  Jeremy Epperson, formerly of The Singing Echoes, introduces his new group, Meadow Lane and subsequently the release of their first single “Praise the Lord” going out to radio in March. The single will be available on Hey Y’all Media March/2015 Comp, and Lyric Press Music Compilations.

Jeremy is quoted as saying “ We are extra excited about this opportunity to present the message of our Lord and Savior in song. Vonda is such a pleasure to work with and we just hit it off from the start. Barry McDonald with Lyric Press is just a great long time family friend and of course is the writer of this song. It is truly an honor to be able to sing one of his songs and an honor to be working with these two fantastic companies. My children, Bryson and Anaïs have just been singing their hearts out for the past year and we are proud of our new project. Bryson sings lead on the first of this song and he just knocks it out of the park. I am one proud Dad to have them singing next
to me on stage every night. We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones on the way.”

Look for the release of their new album “Lift Your Voice” in late March.

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