NRB Network Now Available on Sky Angel’s Nationwide Platform

(Naples, Fla.) – Sky Angel, a national provider of faith-based and family-friendly television and radio programming, announces the addition of NRB Network to their Faith channel lineup. The network can now be viewed on Channel 126.

NRB Network provides “genre” blocks of television programming slotted in specific times of day to meet the needs of their viewing audience, with programming designed to inspire, inform and enlighten its viewers and bring a greater understanding of the historic Christian faith. NRB Network is operated by National Religious Broadcasters, an international association of Christian communicators.

“Sky Angel is pleased to add channels to our faith-based lineup that unite kingdom builders everywhere. NRB Network is a terrific complement to our Faith Package. Our subscribers will enjoy the variety of faith-building programs, movies, educational and news shows offered 24 hours a day on NRB Network as we seek to provide the most complete lineup of inspiring and faith-building programming available anywhere in the world,” says Tom Scott, Sky Angel’s President & COO.

“We are eager to be a part of Sky Angel’s platform. From day one, NRB Network has had an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. This cutting-edge technology is consistent with our values and is an excellent way for us to expand delivery of our unique programming to our target audience,” says Troy Miller, President & COO of NRB Network.

Sky Angel offers subscribers over 80 television and radio channels of faith-based and family-friendly channels, with entertainment, educational, sports and news programming compatible with your current TV service. Sky Angel requires no dish or antenna, is easily installed, and includes value-added features like 48-hour playback on all Faith-based television channels plus an ever-growing Video-On-Demand library with free and fee-based selections. To learn more, or to subscribe, visit or call 1-800-SKY-ANGEL (1-800-759-2643).