SGN Scoops’ Fast Five with Mercy’s Reflection

Mercy's Reflection
Mercy’s Reflection

Let’s Meet Mercy’s Reflection

Mercy’s Reflection is a mixed Southern Gospel quartet based in the Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee. The group was founded in March 2011 with two goals in mind: to reach the lost and to uplift fellow Christians through the powerful lyrics of the songs they sing. The group says that they desire to create an atmosphere of heartfelt worship with each ministry opportunity>

Sherry Duke, alto vocalist with the group states, “If you are looking for a group to come in and entertain your congregation, then this ministry is not for you. However, if you are looking for a group to come and enter into true worship with, then Mercy’s Reflection would love to hear from you!” The other members that round out this group are: Jeremy White (lead vocalist), David Johnson (bass), and Travis Hardin (baritone). See below for contact information.

SS: What is the name of your newest CD and newest radio single?

The name of our newest project is I’ve Seen Him Move Mountains, which was released in September 2014. Our current radio single from that project is entitled, “Oh What A Difference,” which speaks to the difference made in the way we live our lives when God saves us and dwells within our hearts. We’ve been blessed by a wonderful response to this song so far.

SS: Can you name a great songwriter on this project and the name of their song?

Adina Bowman is a wonderful songwriter based in Kingsport, TN, who penned the title song on this project, “I’ve Seen Him Move Mountains,” which we intend to release to radio in the summer, as well as a great song called “Now I’m Found.” Adina happens to be the mother-in-law of Joseph Habedank.

We also have a resident songwriter among us. Jeremy White, our lead vocalist, wrote a powerful song entitled “He Took My Place,” which is told from the perspective of Barabbas.

SS: If you were all locked into a hotel room and couldn’t get out, who would be the first one of your group to find a way to escape and why…..

Jeremy would definitely be the first one to find a way to escape. This guy has so many irons in the fire; it makes the rest of us tired just watching him. The rest of us are just too old to care, and would actually look forward to the opportunity to get some rest.

SS: What is the one place you can all agree upon to eat on the road?

Cracker Barrel. Where else can you go to eat on a Sunday night and bump into five other Southern Gospel groups at one time?


SS: Name one person that inspires you and why.

It would truly be a disservice to try to name one person. Collectively, we all have been raised by Godly parents in Godly homes, and for that, we could not be more grateful. Our parents certainly modeled the life of Christ in front of us, and that has inspired us, ultimately, to desire to be a part of a ministry like Mercy’s Reflection.

SS: What is the most favorite song you all love to sing in concert?

We’ve had a few songs that we really enjoy singing in concert over the last four years, but most recently, it would have to be our rendition of the classic penned by Adger Pace and “Dad” Speer, “Heaven’s Jubilee.” People get up, clap their hands, and sing along with us! We’ve certainly been asked to do this one multiple times in a single service!


Thanks to Mercy’s Reflection for participating in SGN Scoops’ Fast Five!

For more information on the Mercy’s Reflection ministry, you can visit them online at , by email at , or by phone at (276) 494-2813.