SGN Scoops Fast Five with The Wine Family

The Wine Family
The Wine Family

SGN Scoops welcomes The Wine Family to the stage of Fast Five.

The Wine Family shared their story with us:

Based out of Lake Wales, Florida, The Wine Family’s beginnings can be traced to a Valentine’s banquet. Fifteen minutes was the given time. Four songs were planned. Three very nervous people stood to sing for the first time. And while that night won’t go down in history as being perfect, God had a plan.
Now five years later, the family is still singing and the Lord is blessing. With a busy schedule, four projects recorded, and now several singles to radio, it would be very easy to become sidetracked. This family however, has stayed true to their calling through it all.
The Wine Family’s desire has and always will be, to share the love of Christ.


The Wine Family members are:

John Wine – Dad - Baritone – Bass Guitar – Pays the bills. 🙂

Cindy Wine – Mom – Biggest fan and cheerleader. She doesn’t sing.

John and Cindy’s children:

Joseph Wine – 24 years old – Lead - Sound man – Piano – Computer.

Tabitha Wine – 19 years old – Alto – Piano – Makes us look good.

Isaac Wine – 16 years old - Baritone – Guitar.


Current project: He Still Does.

Current single: “What A Beautiful Day.”


The Wine Family
The Wine Family

SGN: When each of you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

John: Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been into electronics. If it had wires, I would tear it apart to see how it worked. Back then, the only electronics store was Radio Shack and at any given time, there was a stack of their catalogs next to my bed. My dream as a little fellow was to work for them.

Joseph: Maybe a mechanic or a race car driver. Dad comments that he really liked cars… still does.

Tabitha: Two things I wanted to be: an airplane pilot and a pirate.

Isaac: I’m still fairly young, my dream is to be a studio musician.


SGN: Can you tell us the nicknames of each group member? 

John: Not everyone has a nickname. I call Tabitha “Little Girl” and also “Sissie.” At one time Isaac’s nickname was “I-Pie.”


SGN: Who is your musical inspiration? 

John: There are many: Phillips, Craig and Dean, Larnelle Harris, Steve Green, The Archers, Truth, Michael English, The Martins, Talley Trio, Gaither Vocal Band, The Whisnants, The Perrys and on and on and on.

Joseph: Michael English (vocally)

Tabitha: (Did not answer). Dad comments: “Musically, my daughter is old school. One example of someone she likes is Michael Buble’.”

Isaac: Joe Bonamassa and Mateusasato. I’m really into guitars in these days.


SGN: What Gospel song or hymn would you like to have written/recorded? 

John: Once again, there are many. “To God Be The Glory,” “I Rest My Case At The Cross,” “I’m Gonna Make It,” Sinner Saved By Grace,” just to name a few.

Joseph: Well I love the hymn “It Is Well,” but I’m scared to say I would’ve liked to write it because of the back story/ history.

Tabitha: “How Great Thou Art.”

Isaac: “It Is Well.” The story of how it was written is pretty amazing.


winefamSGN: Who is your favorite Bible person and why? 

John: No way can I give just one. David was an amazing man who seemed to live way before his time. Abraham was called the friend of God… what more needs to be said. And then there is Peter. I relate to him because he was constantly putting his shoe in his mouth. 🙂

Joseph: In these days, it would be David. Because he knew where to turn when he made mistakes. Psalms 51

Tabitha: Jesus, He gave new life and hope.

Isaac: Paul, because he was a cool dude. I also love the story of Ruth.


Thanks so much to the Wine Family for contributing to SGN Scoops’ Fast Five. To learn more about the Wine Family, visit their website.

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