The Goodwins Release New Single To Radio

Oct 4, 2010 (Poca, WV) The Goodwins have released a brand new radio single to stations across the country. The song entitled, “Revival Medley” is on the Pathlight Promotions CD for Radio, Vol 2010-06. It has been enormously well received by fans & DJs alike. The Goodwins office & their promotion agency, Pathlight Promotions & Media Group, have received several calls from stations nationwide commenting on how much they love this new song! When asked about the songs origins, Martha Drake had this to say: “Revival Medley was inspired several years ago by the old time camp meetings & tent revivals that we started out in…when we recorded our first professional project with the Eddie Crook Company back in 1997, we decided that we had to remember where we came from & include the medley in our recording…now almost 14 years later, it is still our most requested song to date. We took it out, dusted it off & revised it for this brand new radio version & everyone seems to love it! We are already seeing an enormous amount of response from this song!”
   The Goodwins current single, “Heart Of The King” has been on the Christian Voice Charts for several months. Another charting single from The Goodwins released this year, was “Jesus Died Like A Man”. Be listening to your local radio station for “Revival Medley” & many future singles from The Goodwins & Pathlight Promotions & Media Group. 
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