Wacky Wednesday with Matt Linton

Wacky Wednesday titleWacky Wednesday with Gospel Artists returns this month with some interesting questions for our panel. Special thanks to our friend Jantina de Haan for collecting all of these great answers.

Wacky Wednesday with Matt Linton
Wacky Wednesday with Matt Linton

As you know, Wacky Wednesday features questions that you might not find in regular artist interviews and answers that you might not see printed anywhere else…

Today our Wednesday is more unusual rather than wacky, as we talk to the unique Matt Linton. Matt recently appeared on the Abraham Productions’ Gatlinburg Gathering stage,  both as a soloist and as part of the grande finale. He is with Chapel Valley records, but makes his home in  Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Matt is an ordained minister and is married with three children.

Matt Linton onstage at Gatlinburg Gathering
Matt Linton onstage at Gatlinburg Gathering

Wacky Wednesday with Matt Linton

WW: Who taught you to tie your tie for the first time?

ML: My youth pastor.

WW: Who puts on the kettle first thing in the morning?

ML: My wife

WW: Do your spend devotional time separately or as group on the bus?

ML: Separately

WW: If you could change jobs for one day, what would that be?

ML: Police officer

WW: What foreign country is on your bucket-list to visit? 

ML: Australia

Matt Linton onstage at Gatlinburg GatheringWW: If a quartet would step on your door to sing, who would you choose?

ML: Gaither Vocal Band

WW: Do you get recognized when you visit a shopping mall in a place where you’re singing? 

ML: Sometimes

WW: What’s in your CD player at the moment?

ML: Karen Peck and New River

WW: If you had $10,000 to give to a mission, where would you donate your money?

ML: To starting new churches

WW: How many miles do you travel a year on the bus?

ML: 75,000 miles!

Thanks Matt Linton!

We hope you have enjoyed Wacky Wednesday with Matt Linton. You can find out more about Matt here.

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