Beyond the Song: Tribute Quartet sings “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch”

Beyond the Song: Tribute Quartet sings The HealerBeyond the Song with Tribute Quartet

By Jantina Baksteen

I got in contact with Gary Casto of Tribute for this interview, to talk about the album, “Living the Story,” and the single, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch.” Tribute Quartet members are: Gary Casto, Josh SIngletary, Anthony Davis, and Gus Gaches.

Jantina Baksteen: Please share how the dynamic group, Tribute, was born!

Gary Casto: Josh and I traveled with a family group by the name of, “The Wilburns,” and when they retired in 2005, they “passed the mantel” to us. We officially started Tribute on Dec. 31, 2006.


JB: You recently went through a line up change as Riley Harrison Clark stepped down to pursue a solo career. Gus Gaches then stepped into the tenor position. How did this transition go?

GC: With Gus’s tenure on the platform and studio producing experience, it made the transition very easy.

JB: Your new project, “Living the Story,” has been released. Tell us about this album. What is the story Tribute lives?

GC: “Living the Stories:” We are truly excited about this new project. This 10 song project speaks to the very lives that we all live and the part it plays in God’s bigger story. Tribute has had ups and downs, and it has all been to the furthering of God’s story of sovereignty, grace, and the pursuing and growth of His kingdom. Each night we have the opportunity to hear the stories of people and where God has them at those points in life. It really makes you stop and realize (the size) of a true story that’s being created every second of every day.

Tribute QuartetJB: The song, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch,” is on the charts now. Please tell us the story of this song. What does the message mean to you personally?

GC: This was the very first song we chose and put on hold for the new album two years prior. This song is a reminder that no matter what you are facing, whether it’s physical, emotional, financial or spiritual, The Healer, Jesus Christ, knows exactly where you are at, and he hasn’t lost his healing touch.


JB: What message do you give to the crowds who attend your concerts every night?

GC:  Our message each night is to let our listening audience know that we serve a real, living Savior that loves them greatly.


JB: What do you do when the concert is over and you’re back on the bus?

GC: (We are) usually looking for food. (Laughs). We do try to recall and discuss how we felt the concert went and how to improve for the next one.


JB: Who is the loudest of all of you?

GC: That would would be a toss up between a couple of them. Probably best if I move on from this question. (Laughs)


JB: What’s your favorite place to eat?

GC: I have so many favorites, but if I had to narrow them down, I would say Houston’s and Morton’s.


JB: What’s ahead for Tribute in the near future? Do you have any special  events, or are you traveling outside of the States?

GC: We just finished a new concept video of a song from our new project that will be releasing soon. We are working on another European tour and possibly another trip to Africa.


JB: What was your latest blooper that happened on or off stage?

GC: We were a couple minutes from going on stage, and the pastor sent someone to get me because he needed to speak with me about the evening program. When we finished talking, I started running because I heard the music of our first song playing. When I got to stage door, it was locked. To make a long story short, I tried several other doors and finally found one that wasn’t locked and ran onto the stage just as we stared singing first word of song. Needless to say, I was out of breath and could barely sing any notes – everyone was laughing!


JB: Where can we find you on the web?

GC: On Facebook:HERE

On the Web: HERE

And Twitter: @tributequartet

Enjoy the Tribute Quartet singing, “The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch”



This single by Tribute has hit number one and top five in the national gospel charts, and they are having a party! You can be a part of this online celebration TONIGHT, April 7, HERE.

Thank you to Gary Casto for taking us Beyond the Song with Tribute Quartet. May God keep you all safe and well.

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