Booth Brothers and Sherry Anne “Sail On”

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1at Red Deer, Alberta

Booth Brothers

Sherry Anne and the Booth Brothers sang “Sail On” in Whitesboro, New York, October 2018. We thought we should share it with you! Click on the video below to enjoy this classic song.

Sherry Anne live dvdSherry Anne sings with an elegant voice that perfectly blends a passion for Southern Gospel, Country, and Blues music with her deep faith. She shares her mission as the featured presenter for women’s events and other venues across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico…To learn more about Sherry Anne’s story of overcoming a bilateral hearing and speech impairment, please visit

The Booth Brothers: Ronnie, Michael, and Paul love Southern Gospel music. They believe it touches the soul and offers encouragement and hope. By singing and ministering to audiences through word and song, these gentlemen are fulfilling God’s call on their lives… find out more at

To purchase the original “Sail On” by the Imperials, visit http:// www. theclassicimperials. com/ Used for inspirational purposes only, used with permission.

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