Brumley MusicFest Announces ‘I’ll Fly Away’ Contest Winner

Bentonville, AR- Roger Goad of  Lafayette, TN is the winner of a ticket prize package  for the inaugural Brumley MusicFest, taking place May 14-15, 2010 at Bentonville High School in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The contest, sponsored by SGN Scoops and Clarion Hotels, required entrants to share a favorite memory of an Albert E. Brumley song. Mr. Goad’s entry said:

I grew up in a very small country church singing Albert E. Brumley songs and became a fan of his work. I was saved at age 14 and still belong to a small Missionary Baptist church. Two years ago today, March 17th, I collapsed in my bathroom floor and died. I had stopped breathing and already turned blue, according to my wife, who is a registered nurse. I was taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. I came to before I was taken on the helicopter. They all thought I was having a silent heart attack. The nurse on the helicopter stayed right over me during the flight trying to reassure me. I was under oxygen and had two IV’s going. He kept patting my hand and arm and reassuring me. I thought he was sure I was going to die, but my thoughts were that if I died on the flight I just had a head start. I sang low the song ‘I’ll Fly Away.’ He thought I was trying to say something to him, but I said that I was singing. I felt so calm, so assured, so knowing because I remembered that as a 14 year old boy that He Set Me Free.

Mr. Goad will receive two tickets, dinner for two, and hotel accommodations.

Brumley MusicFest will feature Chuck Wagon gang, Mark Bishop, Karen Peck and New River, The Diplomats, Christy Sutherland, Brian Free and Assurance, The Grascals, and more. Information and tickets are available at or by calling 888-462-6718.

Read more about Brumley MusicFest in the May edition of SGN Scoops – coming May 3.
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