Children’s Christian Choir – Song Submission

Song Placement Opportunity

Dates: Wednesday, April 13th – Thursday, June 1st 2011
Location: Jessica Ford & Children’s Christian Choir ~ Christmas Alubm
Submissions Open: Submissions are open now!
Submissions Close: Fri June 1st 2011
Submission Fee: $0.00

Jessica Ford & Children’s Christian Choir is Non Profit 501(c)3 A.C.T. Intl and is looking for songs for Ministry and to outreach for the Christmas season. These songs are for recordings and live performances, a benefit album that will be sold for the Christmas Season (November – December 31st). Jessica Ford and Children’s Christian Choir “C3” are offering you the opportunity to be a part of this one-of-a-kind compilation. This is your chance to be included on a compilation and be involved in a much needed Ministry effort and outreach.

If your song is selected, C3 will message you through your email and will ask that you sign a royalty waiver form. Then ask that you submit the selected song in a MP3 format. This MP3 must be of master quality (even if it’s not mastered). Faith based Christmas Songs and Christian Songs will be accepted and you must own the rights to your song. You will also have the opportunity to gift merchandise like signed CD’s and gain notoriety and awareness to you as a songwriter/Publishing Company. You will receive CD’s to give away as an extra incentive to raise funds and have credits.

We will contact the selected songwriters and receive the proper MP3 file along with the backing tracks. You will receive the paperwork so please check your inbox as often as possible once your song has been selected.

We request that any selected songwriters tweets/blogs/posts on Facebook, or otherwise lets their fans know about this compilation and great cause. C3 will provide sample copy and information for anyone who would like it.

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How do I increase my chances of being selected?

Syncing your Facebook and MySpace pages to our website and page and adding  us on Facebook will boost your Fan Totals instantly. Also, providing us with background tracks for your demo is a huge plus and will increase your chances of being selected. None of this is mandatory of course, but showing the Talent Buyer more about you is always a plus.