Exclusive Concert Review: Brian Free & Assurance

{Exclusive Concert Review by Angela Griffin}  Brian Free and Assurance gave a stellar performance last evening at Landrum First Baptist Church, in Landrum, SC. Upon arrival at 6:15, the church parking lots were full, and people we’re beginning to park along the streets. Excitement was building. When service began at 7:00PM, it was standing room only.
Brian, Bill, Derrick, and Jeremy started the concert with their Acappella rendition of “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.” It was uplifting and the church rejoiced with a loud hand clap of praise.  For the next hour we worshipped with BFA as they sang; “Remind Me of the Cross,”  “Turn the Page,” “Anything is Possible with God,” “The Part Where You Come In,” and “I Believe.” Also captivating the audience, they sang few old favorites like “Just A Little Talk with Jesus” and “Glory Road.”

As Brian was leading up to the song, “Never Walk Alone” a more serious part of the service, he shared with the audience that 3 of their fathers and his mother went home to be with the Lord last year. He shared how he still has his parent’s telephone numbers logged into his cell phone, and stated he will never take them out.  He thanked God for his Godly parents. Brian had the audience’s attention and the emotions we’re raging high, when all of a sudden a gentleman cell phone started ringing … dup de do da loo, dup de do da loo. The poor gentleman got so nervous he struggled to get his cell phone out of his pocket to turn it off! As comical as it was, and being the professional that Brian is, he never wavered and continued with his testimony.

After a short break Brian Free and Assurance made their way back to the stage. As requested by many, Brian sang what I believe to be his signature song, “For God So Loved.”  The audience responded with a standing ovation.  With the audience still standing, BFA broke out with “King Jesus.”  What a joyous time it was.
Brian ended the service by giving the lost an opportunity to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Another very serious part of the service when all of a sudden … well you guessed it! Another gentleman’s cell phone started to ring and it was dup de do da loo, dup de do da loo all over again! This time Brian responded from the stage “I can’t get that right now” and the audience burst into laughter. Please gentleman, silence those cell phones when entering a place of worship.
We laughed, we cried, we worshipped… all for the Glory of God.