Hoskins Family Releases “You Keep Loving Me” on PP Vol 8

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Angie Hoskins-Aldridge sends her latest, “You Keep Loving Me” to national radio through Patterson Promotions on Vol. 8 radio comp disc. The Hoskins family has realized great success in the past, with songs like; When the Savior Wipes the Tears, Safe Thus Far. They garnered several Dove nominations and continued to keep a fanbase when they had to leave the road due to a family health issue. Angie notes, “We are back. We are booking concert dates. We are building a new website. We are also in the process of getting a new project out by mid-summer.” The group consists of Angie Hoskins-Aldridge, Reva Hoskins, Pastor Rick Smith, Abigail Aldridge (Angie’s teenage daughter), and Ricky Hoskins. The group signed on with Patterson Promotions and EHA-Nashville in March and have some open booking dates during 2012. They are also taking bookings for 2013.
More info: Patterson Promotions: www.PattersonPromotions.com, Evie@EHA-Nashville.com