Mickey Bell’s LoLo Entertainment Group Grows as He Broadens PR Services for Roster

{EHA-Nashville, TN) Successful TV and Radio Personality, Mickey Bell, has taken the culmination of his years of industry expertise and is now using that experience to offer a unique service to those artists on his roster. He notes, “You can record a CD project, have a top notch website, and schedule a few dates in which to sing, but if no one hears about you, it doesn’t do you much good.” He is now taking action in helping Southern Gospel artists promote themselves with his publicity firm, LoLoEntertainment Group.The firm offers a unique line of services that puts the “grunt” work into the agency’s hands, allowing the artist to focus their concentration on improving their craft.

“From press releases, scheduling radio interviews, to updating websites, we want to make sure our artists are being seen by the general public. And with the mediums we have at our disposal there is no reason why this shouldn’t be happening for every group.” says Bell. LoLo Entertainment Group is dedicated to their artists and will be very limited on the workload they accept. Bell explains, “We have a limit because we want to make sure that we are giving everyone of our artists the attention they deserve.” One satisfied customer notes, “You won’t have to look long and hard to see this exciting company at work. When you think of artist promotions you will think LoLo Entertainment Group.” For more info on LoLoEntertainment, contact Mickey Bell: twgmprogram@gmail.com