Mike Bowling SGNScoops Fast Five About Thanksgiving

Mike Bowling
Mike Bowling

1 What was your favorite dish yesterday?

Mom’s Dressing/Stuffing


2 Did you watch any sports?

No sports.  UK Basketball is pretty much all I watch!

Christmas Tree 2014
Christmas Tree 2014


3 Did you watch the Macy’s Day Parade?

Yes. Our girls and I watched some of it. We always do when we first wake up on Thanksgiving morning.

4 Does your family have a tradition on Thanksgiving that is special to your family?

Yes. We always put our Christmas tree up that night and our girls help us decorate it . This year, we got it decorated and 30 minutes later it fell to the ground! Not going to make that a tradition though!

5 Tell us a few of the things that you are thankful for in 2014?

I’m thankful most of all that we have and serve a God of Mercy.  Also, that I have the love of my family – my wife and kids.

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