Open Letter/Prayer Request From The Gobers

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. It was so good to see you all at CIS and I can’t wait to see you all again. We love each one of you and are honored to call you “family.”

I wanted to take a moment to ask all of you to PLEASE pray for my Daddy (Rodney Gober). He has re-entered his battle with cancer, as the colon cancer has metastasized into one lung and lymph nodes in the lung (possibly an inoperable lymph node). This was NOT good news for our family and we have obviously been quite devastated… BUT we believe in healing and know GOD is in control. We CV artists have seen GOD’s healing power at work first hand sooo many times, and I cling to that. Sometimes when I’m feeling hopeless and my faith is weak, I think of you all and the miracles I have seen and heard of through you. From Ms Jetta’s stories of Shane and Travis and their accident, to Shirley (Profitt) and little Michaela (Hyssong) and their healing (just to name a few). Its then that I am quickly reminded that our GOD is able- and I KNOW it because I’ve seen it! Your lives and spirits are living testimonies to me and I wanted you to know it.

Please, please pray. Ask your friends, churches and fans to pray as well. We will appreciate it more than you can ever know. Daddy will be having another biopsy on Thursday 1/26. I will keep you all updated. We have NO plans to put the ministry on hold. Daddy is dedicated to keep moving forward… and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.


Love you ALL dearly!


-The Gobers