Rod Burton and Darrell Webb Launch New Hope Music Productions

Nashville, TN- Rod Burton announces today the launch of New Hope Music Productions and plans for the company’s service to the Gospel Music industry. Co-owners, Burton and Darrell Webb, say they are committed to being an “artist-centered” record company, focusing on services that will be individually tailored to the artists’ specific needs, rather than a “cookie-cutter” approach.

Burton, New Hope Music Production’s A&R Director, says, “Our goal is to work with seasoned artists who wish to rise and grow in their ministries and partner them with some of the best session professionals in Nashville that will introduce years of respect, integrity, and talent to the company.”

He adds, “We are pleased to offer unique services that include working closely with respected professionals in the industry. We’ve built relationships with public relations and radio promotions entities, such as EHA-Nashville, who will offer our clients a group rate, further reducing artists’ expense and making overall costs realistic.”

Burton’s personal experiences in the industry have helped shape the vision for New Hope Music Productions. “We will offer honest feedback to help them achieve their goals. I can’t stress enough that we do not intend to give false hope to those who need to hone their skills prior to spending their hard-earned money.”

Darrell Webb, co-owner with Burton notes, “We have all been there. We want to treat the artists like we expected to be treated, as we came up through the ranks ourselves. The challenge of producing good quality products and developing up-and-coming talent is exciting, as we feel our many years of experience, individually and collectively, will open doors that are yet unseen.”

Webb adds, “I am excited to be involved with Gospel music and the people singing it. I look forward and will take great pleasure in seeing people reach their goals and their ministry spread at the same time.”

Burton concludes, “Darrell and I are excited about joining forces and launching New Hope Music Productions. Darrell’s many years of successful experience as a recording artist, producer, and innovative thinker in this business will make for a strong foundation for our venture. The best part, is we both share the same bottom line; we want the work we do to pay off in getting the message of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.”

New Hope Music Productions will be structured into three tiers, in order to meet individual needs: a national level label, a development label, and a custom project opportunity for new artists.

For more info on New Hope Music Productions, contact Rod Burton at (708-960-0111).

About Rod Burton:
Rod Burton has been traveling and singing Southern Gospel music since the age of 12, when he played bass for renowned songwriter, Charles Feltner. In the past several years, he has made a name for himself as a successful soloist and recently as co-owner of YMR Music Productions, which holds the Branson Gospel Music Convention. Burton also sings with the newly launched Hinson Revival and hopes that each of his endeavors brings a message of grace and encouragement to other artists and audience members alike.

About Darrell Web:
Darrell Webb has a rich heritage in southern gospel music.  His grandfather was associated with James D. Vaughn Publishing, so he grew up singing from the shaped note song books and has been traveling singing the gospel since the age of 11, currently with The Southeraires.  His rich resonant bass voice pleases crowds wherever he goes, while his sense of integrity helps him fulfill a desire to “maintain and improve a high standard of quality in both the music and the ministry of music.”