SGN Scoops Fast Five: The Bridgemans

Bridgemans for SGN Scoops Fast Five
The Bridgemans

Welcome to another edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! Today we welcome The Bridgemans from Cumming, Georgia. A husband and wife duo, The Bridgemans have been singing together for 37 years. They love to sing and share Southern Gospel as well as promote concerts in their area. Travis Bridgeman is on the advisory board of the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame and Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Travis and Alecia are a busy couple as they also are in full-time ministry at their church where Travis pastors. Their church home is Antioch Bible Church, where you will also find Travis directing the choir and playing the piano. Alecia is not only a singer, pastor’s wife, and mother of their son Lee, she is also active in women’s ministries and plays the flute.

The Bridgemans have recorded four projects and their latest is entitled Walking, But Not Alone. Be listening on the radio for their latest release, “If Not Today.”



Bridgemans SGN Scoops Fast Five 2
The Bridgemans

SGN: What is your all-time favorite concert event that you have attended?
Travis and Alecia:   The last Southern Gospel concert at the Georgia Mountain Center in 2012. After thirty-two years of promoting Southern Gospel music in Gainesville, Georgia, Hayne Tatum of “T & T Promotions” asked us to sing on his final program.


SGN: Where would you like to retire to?
Travis and Alecia: The north Georgia mountains.


SGN: Who in the Bible would you like to talk to?
Travis: Jesus first, and then Paul

Alecia: Jesus first, and then Mary of Bethany


SGN: What is your favorite TV commercial? 

Travis: Subaru Legacy junior driver.
Alecia: Sears Optical raccoon commercial.


SGN: What is the best thing you learned this week?

Travis: After singing and preaching at a homeless shelter, I was reminded that greater joy comes from giving to those who cannot repay you.
Alecia: From Wednesday night Bible study, Matthew 13:54-57, the people in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth saw too much of His humanity to see His Deity.




Thanks to the Bridgemans for answering our Fast Five today! Be sure to visit their webpage.

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