SGN Scoops Fast Five: The Page Trio

The Page Trio
The Page Trio

The Page Trio is a male trio of family members who have been singing for over ten years, making their own brand of Southern Gospel well-known to fans across the country through charting songs like “I Wanna Go There,” “I Surrender,” and “I Am From Above.”

We welcome the Page Trio as they prepare to answer the SGN Scoops Fast Five interview questions!

SGN Scoops: I know you guys are excited about your new project. What makes it different from the others?  

The album has limited instruments and the focus is more on the lyrics of the songs. The CD consists of four cover songs and six new original songs that were written by members Wayne Page and Johnny Page. Blaine Johnson, who is a lifelong friend of the group, is featured on the CD playing the piano. Blaine grew up in our hometown and currently plays for Jason Crabb. We went back to record some good old gospel favorites such as “Sweet Beulah Land” and “I Never Shall Forget the Day.” Overall, the CD has a message for just about every phase of life. The songs will minister to the lost soul, encourage the believer and challenge the church.

SGN Scoops: What is your favorite song on the project?

It is hard to pick a favorite but if we had to it would be ‘My Light and Salvation’. Another favorite is the title song ‘Our Lord and Savior’. Both are original songs that we were able to write. Our favorite cover song is ‘Sweet Beulah Land’. It was the first song that Wayne ever sang in front of a church.

SGN Scoops: Tell us about The Page Trio.  

The Page Trio consists of brothers Wayne and Johnny Page and their dad, Cranford Page. We grew up as a singing family in a small town called Nauvoo, AL and have been singing officially as a trio the past 10 years. We have had a lot of help along the way to be able to produce, write and record a lot of the material that we currently sing. We try to be ourselves and love to share the music God has laid on our hearts. Our main goal is to reach the lost and encourage the believer in the name of Jesus Christ. God has truly blessed us more than we could ever deserve.

SGN Scoops: How can we purchase your cd?

You can go to our website at and purchase in our web store.

SGN Scoops: Give us all your information.

1955 Rose Hill Road

Nauvoo, AL 35578

Booking number (205) 384-3274


Many thanks to the Page Trio for letting the readers of the SGN Scoops website learn more about your ministry and your music.