Sherri George .. What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 13, 2014 – 3:47 pm -

Sherri George

Sherri George

We asked  Sherri George ..  What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

I love Christmas! As I was putting air in my tires yesterday, I remembered the Christmas after I drove home from New York .. and asking for something my parents couldn’t believe I wanted! As I was getting ready to drive home, the dad in the family I was renting an apartment from asked if he could check my tires. Turns out, the tires only had 14 pounds of air in them! In the 15-hour drive home, I could have blown a tire if he hadn’t taken that little tire gauge and checked them for me .. and I didn’t have a cell phone or AAA back then. So when my parents asked me that year what I wanted for Christmas, I immediately said, “A tire gauge!” They laughed, thought I was kidding, and asked again, “Really, what do you want?” I kept telling them, and finally they stopped asking, and looked at each other like their child had lost her mind lol .. When we opened gifts on Christmas Eve, there in a little box under the tree was a noisy little present when you shook it, and I knew it was my tire gauge! Mother and Daddy watched especially close as I opened it, and I really did beam and jump up to hug them. They finally believed that’s what I wanted! lol .. I’ve never driven anywhere since that day without a tire gauge in my glove compartment, or started a trip without checking the air in my tires. I still appreciate Bob and Adele Pastore in Mamaroneck, NY .. appreciate their kindness in letting a kid from Kentucky stay in their home in a wonderful area while I worked for the NBA .. and for keeping me safe by caring enough to check my tires. Guess that’s one of my very favorite Christmas memories! Everyone stay safe and happy this holiday season, and please glance down at your tires before you travel, too! 🙂

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