A Younger Perspective: Autumn Nelon Clark

Autumn Nelon Clark
Autumn Nelon Clark

By Erin Stevens

Last year, I sat down with Amber Nelon Thompson to talk about her life on the road. This time around, it’s her sister Autumn’s turn to take the spotlight. Enjoy the next few moments as you get to know The Nelons’ youngest daughter, who as of late has been stepping up and joining her family on stage. Oh and if you’re in need of mandolin lessons, or the best place to get crab legs, I have just the girl to put you in contact with! The floor’s yours, Autumn…

Erin: As a little girl, did you imagine yourself singing with your family? 

Autumn: I guess it’s just part of my DNA. I’ve never really had another pursuit, music is my life and I’ve always loved it.

Erin: What does a typical roadie day in the life of Autumn Nelon Clark look like? 

Autumn: After a restful sleep in my bunk, I practice my mandolin, usually eat lunch with our crew, study schoolwork that normally may not get finished and help load our gear into the venue for the concert that night. By that point, it’s time to sing!

Erin: On social media it has become apparent that you’ve become quite the musician. Tell us what your fingers have taken to? 

Autumn: Well, I love Bluegrass music! So the mandolin is by far my favorite instrument. Once I got a little more comfortable with it, I got a banjolin, which is the same thing, just sounds like a banjo. That’s what I’m up to when I’m not singing.

Erin: Would you consider yourself: A (the prankster) B (the comedian) or C (the one who NEVER gets in trouble)? 

Autumn: Hmm, I’ll go with C (the one who NEVER gets in trouble). Oh no, I’m only joking! It’s probably more accurate to choose B (the comedian). What can I say? I like to have fun!

Erin: Can you describe what your most memorable concert was and why it holds meaning for you personally? 

Autumn: When my sister tried out for American Idol, I had to fill in as soprano for her. I was only 12-years-old and I was scared to death, but thank the Lord, I made it through!

Erin: Other than your family, who has been your biggest musical influence and why? 

Autumn: Like I mentioned before, I love Bluegrass music and to me, there’s none better than The Isaacs. Sonya is one of my all-time favorites and a huge influence on me, not only because of her voice, but her incredible mandolin playing, too.

Erin: Here’s a must ask question! What’s your favorite food? 

Autumn: Crab legs! They are by far my favorite food. I could eat them all the time…and I pretty much do!

Erin: What would you consider are the pros and cons of traveling with your sister? (Be honest!) 

Autumn: It’s a good and bad thing when your sister wears the same size as you. My clothes vanish, and somehow my earrings always end up in her jewelry bag. It’s a good thing I love her!

The Nelons
The Nelons

Erin: I know you have plenty of time to decide, but at this point, can you see yourself doing this the rest of your life, or is there another avenue you feel the Lord may be leading you to? 

Autumn: Singing is always going to be a part of my life, and I could never see myself being apart from music.

Erin: While growing up in the Gospel music industry all your life, what are some struggles you’ve had to face as a young lady? 

Autumn: Missing my junior prom was hard. I miss going to my church regularly and not seeing my friends as much as I’d like to; however, I am grateful that my parents chose to come off the road for six years so Amber and I could enjoy those years of our childhood at home. It makes me love this life even more.


Yet again, how blessed this industry is to have teenagers like Autumn who have made the ultimate sacrifice of praise, week-in and week-out alongside their families. This vibrant young lady has a bright future in store; and in her words, no matter what that future looks like, you can be certain she’ll be somewhere singing and playing her mandolin wherever the highway may take her next.

And that’s my take on it. 

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Young Perspective on Autumn Nelon Clark was first published by SGN Scoops in June 2014.

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