Chuck Day inspires vocalist Kelly Coberly

Written by Staff on September 22, 2015 – 10:52 am -

Chuck Day and Kelly Coberly

Chuck Day and Kelly Coberly

Last month, the Christian Country Expo in Pigeon Forge welcomed a wealth of talent both new and seasoned! Chuck Day was on hand to receive the 2015 Christian Country Living Legend Diamond Award from SGN Scoops CEO, Rob Patz. Also appearing that week was Kelly Coberly, a Christian Country/Southern Gospel vocalist who is newer to the Christian music stage.

Kelly Coberly Joins Hey Y'all Media

Kelly Coberly

Kelly tells us the experience was amazing.

As if appearing at the Christian Country Expo wasnt a big enough blessing in itself, the Wednesday evening concert turned out to be an even bigger blessing than I had imagined. As I was headed backstage to get my music queued up for my performance, I was stopped by one of the other artists. She said “Kelly, we were just talking about you.”  She then introduced me to Chuck Day, who wrote “Midnight Cry.” She said she had been telling Chuck about how I sang “Midnight Cry” at Tuesday’s showcase.
I had never met him before, and I didn’t realize that he was there, so when she introduced us, I was a little shocked and speechless. That evening, I had the honor of singing “MidnightCry” at the concert, with Chuck Day present in the audience. I have to admit, I was a little nervous and my voice was pretty shaky, but I was so honored to have such a wonderful opportunity. “Midnight Cry” is such a great song, and to be able to sing it for the writer himself was a moment I will never forget.
Soon after, Chuck took the stage to perform, and was presented with the 2015 Christian Country Living Legend Diamond Award.  Chuck stopped by my booth later and told me “Good job!”
The entire week was a blessing, and I am honored to have been a part of the event, but Wednesday night was so surreal for me, and a huge blessing and honor.
Chuck Day, Vonda Easley, Ava Kasich, Rob Patz during presentation of award

Chuck Day, Vonda Easley, Ava Kasich, Rob Patz during presentation of award

Chuck Day was among several well-known names at the Christian Country Expo, August 24-27, 2015. Other artists appearing included Chris Golden, Kevin Rowe, The McKay Project,  Tommy Brandt and Tommy Brandt II, The Schoefields, The Branscombs, Jim Sheldon, Lindsay Huggins, Tina Wakefield, Sharron Kay King, Robin Springs, Ava Kasich, Jan Harbuck, and more.

Be sure to watch the SGN Scoops page and magazine for information on the next Christian Country Expo!
Creekside 2015

Creekside 2015

The next event at Pigeon Forge held by SGN Scoops is the 2015 Creekside Gospel Music Convention, November 2-5, 2015. Featuring many great Gospel artists and hosting the 2015 Diamond Awards, Creekside is a great vacation destination for those who love Southern Gospel music. For more information click here.

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