Dunaways Release the Classic “Mercy Built a Bridge” to Radio

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The Dunaways with Ronny Hinson

Legendary Songwriter Ronny Hinson Makes Guest Appearance on the Recording

Nashville, TN, March 3, 2015.  Family Music Group is excited to release the Dunaway’s latest national radio release, “Mercy Built a Bridge”.  The song, penned by Ronny Hinson made Southern Gospel history as number one song for the original Hinsons.Ronny Hinson joined The Dunaways in the studio for the recording and is featured as a vocalist.  He has also made several public appearances with The Dunaways since the recording.  The song still holds a strong rapport with live audiences as it continues to receive standing ovations, and is a favorite among those that attend Dunaway concerts.

Family Music Group’s Les Butler said, “When the Dunaways first mentioned they wanted to record Mercy Built a Bridge I said, yes!  When I mentioned getting Ronny involved the Dunaways said, YES!  The end result is special.  We are excited that Ronny has also agreed to call radio for interviews in support of the song.  We are expecting good things from the Dunaways and Ronny.”

The Dunaways have enjoyed a 23 year music ministry and have released a long list of national radio hits for more than a decade.  Their recent radio single and title cut from their new album, “Church in the Kitchen,” has been nominated for several awards including, “Country Song of The Year,” and the recording as, “Country Album of The Year.”  Kanah Dunaway Lovern has also been nominated as, “Female Vocalist of The Year.”

The Dunaways are available for bookings and can be scheduled by calling Randall Dunaway at (601) 416-5823. Their music is available both in Christian Retail Markets as well as any online music outlet including Amazon and Itunes.

More information on The Dunaways can be found at www.dunawaymusic.com and www.facebook.com/dunawaymusic

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