Ed O’Neal Returns Tanned And Ready To Sing

Ed O’Neal recently returned from a vacation to Hawaii. While he was basking in the sun, the Dixie Melody Boys were out on the road as a trio and then joined by a special guest. “We are a quartet so we really missed Ed.” said Steven Cooper. Filling in was Gaither Homecoming artist and bass singer for Palmetto State, Mike Allen. “We were glad to have Mike with us. I think it was good for him to. He used Ed’s bunk and I caught him looking for any notes Ed had left him on singing bass. No, all kidding aside Mike did an incredible job. We were honored to have him. Thanks to Larry and Palmetto State for letting us borrow him. ” added Matt Felts.
While in Hawaii, Ed was a part of the wedding of Blake and Lindsey Bush. Lindsey’s parents are Jim and Mary Snyder, concert promotors in Marion, Illinois. Fans were glad to know that Ed would be coming back and not retiring. “In fifty years, I have only missed three weekends. It was a great time but I’m excited to be back. It did however make me think about a Hawaii tour.” laughed Ed O’Neal.