The Hinson Family: Creating Their Own Legacy

Weston, Christy and Jordan Hinson

I believe that anyone who has ever followed Southern Gospel music will recall the legendary family group, the Hinsons. Originally from California, the group consisted of siblings Ronny, Yvonne, Larry and Kenny. This dynamic group has remained a mentor and musical influence for countless artists. Songs such as “The Lighthouse” and “Call Me Gone,” cannot be heard without the unforgettable Kenny Hinson crossing your mind. Kenny graduated to his heavenly reward July of 1995, at the young age of 41, after fighting a battle with cancer. Kenny not only left a wife and two children behind, but a legacy.


HinsonPicking up the mantle that has been left to him is Kenny’s son, Weston Hinson. He began his singing adventures around age 12. Weston led worship for his youth group before his solo ministry commenced at age 20. In August of 2010, he and Christy hit the stages as a duo. They traveled under the name Weston and Christy Hinson for several years. Two years ago, they added Jordan and recently changed their name over to The Hinson Family.


Hinsons at 2016 Diamond Awards

“We first started the group as Weston Hinson and By Faith with Christy’s mom and step-dad. We released an album titled Home With You Tonight under that name,” Weston tells us. “Christy and I then decided to go full time in August of 2010 as Weston and Christy Hinson. We released three albums under that name, one of which contained songs that my father did, Tribute to the Original Hinsons. Then in April of 2013, our daughter Jordan joined the group, prompting a final name change to The Hinson Family a short time later.” This trio won the Artist Spotlight Showcase on Wednesday at the recent National Quartet Convention, granting them an appearance on main stage later that evening. These talented vocalists rightly deserved the win.


Weston Hinson
Weston Hinson

With the rich musical heritage of his father Kenny, Weston almost had no choice but to become an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician. The Hinson Family has received numerous acknowledgements individually, as well as corporately. “I genuinely feel it is a calling for me, for us, as a family. As long as I feel that tug from God to sing and utilize this ministry, I will give my everything to honor the work that He has laid before me,” says Weston. Outside of singing, Weston helps his father-in-law with his air-conditioning company in their home of Greenville, TX. He also personally owns a graphic and web design company, Legacy Productions.


HinsonsChristy Hinson started singing with her mom in a group called The Harvest Masters at the age of 15. She too is a proficient songwriter and singer. The project Let’s Have Some Church featured six of her original penned songs. Christy grew listening to the Hinsons, along with other various influences such as the Rambos, the Hemphills, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. “I remember Kenny Hinson recording the first album for the group that my mom sang with when I was around seven years old. He was a hoot!” Christy laughs. “I’m thankful for the many awesome opportunities that God has blessed me with. I started singing with a group when I was 17 under the name Country Flair. We were able to sing for several dignitaries, one being President Reagan. That was a great experience,” she adds.


Outside of singing and songwriting, Christy keeps occupied with making jewelry, selling Mary Kay, and photography. Although she has Jordy on the road with them, 20-year-old daughter, Morgan, is in college studying to be a drama coach. “I thank God for blessing me with a husband who is full of conviction and love for God, more than of love of himself. I’m grateful for our family. Yes, my plate is full, but so is my heart,” Christy cheerfully says.


Hinson Family

Mishaps are always a given on the road. There is nothing worse than leaving a necessity behind, especially clothing. Christy recalls this funny story. “A few years ago, Weston moved all of our dress clothes out of the car and into the church, without telling me. After service, we headed down the road about two and a half hours, where we were leaving for a cruise the next day. When we started unloading at the hotel where we were staying that night, I asked Weston, ‘Where are our dress clothes?’ With wide eyes, he says, ‘Oh no! They are at the church where we sang this morning!’ So we canceled our room and drove back. The pastor of the church let us stay with him because it was so late. The next morning, we ran out of gas on the way back. Luckily, we had roadside service. We almost missed the boat.”


Hinson logoWeston shared another memorable moment of forgetfulness: “We had just gotten the sound set at a concert in North Carolina. With about 30 minutes to spare, I realized I had forgotten my suit pants. I thought I was going to have to sing in shorts. Fortunately, there was a small hardware store close that was within ten minutes of closing. I quickly found some work pants that would suffice. I’m really forgetful so that kind of stuff happens to me all the time.”


Jordan, 18, says that Weston is not the only one who misplaces their belongings. “Once Mom thought she left her phone at a church. We had already driven two hours away but turned around to go and get it. Turns out, it was in her purse the whole time,” she laughs. Jordy, as everyone refers to her as, started singing at age seven. She enjoys crocheting and watching Netflix in her free time. She too loves the original Hinsons, as well as the Crabb Family and the Isaacs. “I believe for this season in my life, my calling is to sing with my family,” Jordy says. “I can reach youth that maybe would not be able to relate to my parents’ testimonies. But my testimony, along with theirs, can prayerfully reach a multitude of people by singing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Hinson Family
Hinson Family

The goals for The Hinson Family are quite simple. They desire to make a Godly impact on the lives of anyone that they come in contact with. They strive to have a level of excellence in their music that is appealing to a broad base of people. The Hinson Family is working towards the planning of a new project that is sure to have more songs from Christy. For more news and events, visit their website at

By Jaquita Lindsey

First published by SGN Scoops magazine in November 2015.

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