Brentwood, TN (Mansion Entertainment) May 27, 2010 – Mansion Entertainment, a Nashville/Branson based music and entertainment company, has announced the development of Manor House Music, as a division of Mansion Entertainment.

Manor House is established for Artists needing progressive and professional production, marketing, distribution, and management of their recording careers.  As stated by Bill Traylor of Mansion Entertainment, “Manor House is that place for Artists who are progressing in their careers and need to take a major step forward in production, radio, press, advertising, distribution, and most importantly, Television.”  Manor House will be working with a few select artists, announcements to be forthcoming.   By utilizing Mansion Entertainment’s assets such as a world-class studio, two major theaters, an in-place radio/advertising/press department and distribution system, and 2 TV Trucks with a total of 26 cameras, artists that need the assistance to make a major step forward, will be able to achieve their goals.

Mansion Entertainment has joined with Mr. Bill Dykes to head up the new Manor House division.  Bill brings years of hands-on experience in the music industry.  Not only as a personality with his years of performance experience with The Cathedrals, Jerry and The Goffs, and as a solo artist, Bill additionally has worked as an executive in the Banking Industry and most recently as Chief Marketing Officer for Sky Angel Television.  With his experience in recording, performing, finance, and television, Bill Dykes is a valued addition to Mansion Entertainment’s overall vision for Gospel Music.  Mr. Dykes can be reached at 239.404.7675 or by email at

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