Monday’s Prayer Focus: We serve a Father that wants to hear from His children

893641571-630x420SGN Scoops would like to put a focus on prayer to encourage each of us to pray more and listen harder for God’s response. Thursday, May 7, is the National Day of Prayer in America. Today we focus on a GOOD Father who hears and answers prayer.


Today’s verse on prayer:

“…if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV)


We asked various artists about the importance of prayer in their lives. Stay tuned here all week for more!

Sneed Family Music
Sneed Family Music

Jeff Sneed of the Sneed Family has a lot to share about prayer:

To me prayer is the greatest tool that we as Christians have. It not only is vital as the lifeline to a Christian but it is the doorway to the gift of salvation.  This is why I believe that the devil works so hard to hinder the prayers of God’s people.  Have you ever noticed that every time you try to spend time talking to the Savior there is always things that try to divert your attention? Satan knows when God’s people pray, things will happen.  I must confess that too many times I’m more like Martha being busy with the work to be done that I am like Mary spending quality time with God. Most often, I find myself talking to God in the late stillness of the night or the early morning hours.  It seems it’s then I am able to get my priorities in the proper order.
Several times and places, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that God heard my prayers.  I remember when each one of my children were little, I got a burden for God to save them when they were to reach the age of accountability.  I needed a promise from God that even if I were called out of life before my children reached that age, that I would know I would get to meet them again when this life is over.

I want to share these prayer memorials with you, one under an old beech tree way out in the woods, one behind an old building behind our home, and one in the middle of our living room floor when every one was gone. These are times and places that I know I heard from heaven. I know he heard my prayers. These are sign posts that mark special places when I met with God. They become holy ground in my heart. These prayers that I prayed many years ago not only were heard by God himself but are now answered prayers. I think sometimes it pays to just get to a place far away from everyone and pour our heart out to God. Just you and God.
However, a lot of my prayer life has been spent in a silent conversation between me and God when everyone else around didn’t even know I was praying except for myself and my dearest friend, Jesus.
So for real victories to be won God’s children must pray.  Pray when you’re on the mountain, pray when you in the valley! We serve a Father that wants to hear from His children.  I know some people say it’s absolutely unnecessary to cry and beg when you pray.  I personally have found that when I am in an humble spirit and I have a heartfelt need, its then that I find myself begging and crying before the Lord.  I’ve also found that just like a natural father our heavenly Father is moved by an humble spirit. And when God is moved…….things happen. I hope I never reach the point in my life that I feel to prideful to bow before the KING. So church, let’s pray on!

Here is what Shellem Cline had to say in today’s prayer focus:

Shellem Cline
Shellem Cline

“I have my prayer time every morning in my home office, and yes God has answered so many prayers for me as well. One specific prayer was when I was younger, I had a wreck and the doctors believed there was nerve damage in my right arm…this was awful because I am right handed, pick around on the piano and write songs as well as played volleyball for the university I attended. I spent three days in prayer and tears. That afternoon when I was at my lowest point I sat down and dropped a book I was reading. When I reached down to get it I hit my right arm on the coffee table and the feeling came back! I was so mad even though I was the one that put the coffee table right close to me. Then I realized my feeling was back and it was like God looked down and was smiling. All I could do was laugh because God had answered my prayers and allowed me to continue doing what I love for Him…but God also proved He has a sense of humor.