Natalie’s Song Choice of the Week January 7 2022

Natalie’s Song Choice of the Week
“The Wilderness” – The Isaacs
In 2020, The Isaacs released an album called Songs for the Time. It’s a real treasure. My favorite song on the album is one I’m sure you’ve heard called “The Wilderness”.
My favorite line of the song says “God won’t lead you, where He won’t keep you…and He’ll be with you in the wilderness”. What comfort that no matter where God takes us on this journey called life, HE will not leave us. He may take us through some dry places, but He won’t leave you there. When your circumstances look drear, when you’re situation is dark, and your thirst is desperate…hold fast! The songs says the wilderness is not our home! It’s a place we are traveling through. God never leave his children in the wilderness. He brings them through it.
Sisters, Becky Isaacs Bowman and Sonya Isaacs Yeary wrote this encouraging song. I reached out to Becky of the Isaacs about their inspiration for the message. “The Wilderness is a song that means so much to me. It’s a song we wrote in May of 2020 reflecting upon God’s goodness and how that over the years we have written songs about God’s faithfulness on the mountain tops and in the valley, but we had never taken the time to collectively write a song about how we all must have been feeling over 2020. Lonely… isolated…what felt like a wilderness season for us all. So, we began to write this song and reflect on how God was faithful in the dry and lonely times.” – Becky Isaacs Bowman
In the words of the Isaacs “You might have to wait, you might to pray more than you usually do. You may be afraid you may have lost your faith and all you ever knew. But God won’t lead you where He won’t keep you, He’ll be with you in the wilderness” – “The Wilderness”
Check out my song choice of the week. “The Wilderness” by the Isaacs
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