SGN Scoops’ Fast Five: To The End

To The End: left to right: Keith Thomas, Neil Skipworth, Cody Bearden-(Sitting), David Deloach, and Brett Sanders.
To The End: left to right: Keith Thomas, Neil Skipworth, Cody Bearden-(Sitting), David Deloach, and Brett Sanders.

To The End is this week’s featured Southern Gospel artist on SGN Scoops’ Fast Five. They make their home in Alabama and have been on the road for more than ten years. Currently, the group consists of a trio accompanied by a pianist and a sound engineer. To The End is a congenial bunch of men who love what they do and will travel to any venue, regardless of size. They pause to chat with SGN Scoops about their ministry.

SGN: Tell us about To The End!

TTE: To The End was formed in 2004 by Neil Skipworth. The group name “To The End” was inspired by the holy passage Matthew 24:13, “but he who endures to the end shall be saved.” The awesome thing about this group is every member is family and most importantly a born-again believer of Jesus Christ.
To The End includes: Neil Skipworth (Manager/Lead), Brett Sanders (Tenor), David Deloach (Bass), Cody Bearden (Keyboard), and Keith Thomas (Sound Engineer).


SGN: Tell us a funny road story.

JTTE: Well, normally when we travel to somewhere close, the sound engineer, Keith Thomas, will pull the equipment in alone, since the rest of us live close together. This one time, the other four of us decided not to say anything to Keith and we would just let him get to the church first and set-up. So, that meant we had to get lost on purpose in order to give time for him to get all the equipment up. We cut our cell phones off, thus not telling a lie that our cells didn’t work because they were without power.

Yet, God always made a way! As a group we all turned the power back on and again the GPS became functional directing us to the destination.


SGN: What is the favorite restaurant for the group to eat at while on the road?

TTE:Our group loves to have a cracker party while on the road traveling. We locate the nearest Cracker Barrel in the area and once inside, we feast. Our group rule is you can eat as much as you wish, but you must always keep one foot on the floor at all times.


SGN: How do we book you and purchase your product?

TTE: The group phone contact number is Neil Skipworth (256-510-2266). We are also located at our main website: You can visit and join us on Twitter or Facebook:
Our product store link is:


SGN:What is the vision for the group?

TTE: The vision is winning lost souls for Jesus Christ. As a music ministry our goal and stance has always been “make a difference for the sake of eternity.” A group or ministry’s success is not determined by worldly awards, but the peace and favor found only in Jesus Christ.


Check out the website of To The End to find out more about these men and to purchase their product. Visit their schedule and be sure to hear them when they are at a venue near you!


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