SGN Scoops Fast Five with Fayth Lore of the Lore Family

Lore Family
The Lore Family

Welcome to SGN Scoops Fast Five! Today we introduce you to Fayth Lore of the Lore Family. The Lore Family is based in Ohio and is a mixed family group, who recently left their church to begin a full-time music ministry. The patriarch of the group, Darren, writes some of their music and they also sing current and classic Southern Gospel music.  They have recently been seen on both the SGN Scoops Top 100 and the Singing News charts with their latest release, “The Only Way Out Is Through.”

We offer you a peak inside the life of Fayth and all of The Lore Family with this edition of SGN Scoops Fast Five!

Fayth Lore
Fayth Lore

SGN: What is one venue you would like to sing at?

Fayth: As of now, our family has ministered in ten states. We have been privileged to sing on some exciting stages. We were blessed to sing on the National Quartet Convention’s Main Stage for the past three years. We have also sung at Dollywood, which was a ton of fun! We will return to Dollywood again this year. But my prayer is that our family will start getting bookings all across this country. We fully believe that God is calling us into a full-time, evangelistic ministry. I loved traveling out West a few years ago. So, I would really enjoy singing at the Fan Festival in Visalia, CA. I have extended family in the Sunshine state that I would like to see!


Fayth and Sandy LoreSGN: What is one talent you have that people would be surprised to learn about you?

Fayth: I don’t really have a cool talent that would make a person go ooh or ahh! But, I do thoroughly enjoy public speaking. I believe that something that sets our family apart from other artists is that our ministry extends beyond singing. Each member of my family enjoys speaking; whether preaching, teaching or testifying. Also, I love conducting Women Conferences. Sometimes at these conferences I minister alongside my Mom. At other times, I’m a part of a team of workers. My passion is to speak to youth groups and young adults. I love encouraging people in their walk with the Lord.


SGN: Who is your favorite male Gospel vocalist?

Fayth: I have many favorites such as Gordon Mote and Mike Bowling. But, my all-time favorite male vocalist is Joseph Habedank! I have loved his voice ever since I heard him with The Perrys. His solo album is awesome!


Fayth Lore1SGN: What is the name of the last book you read?

Fayth: The last book that I read was The Purpose Driven Life. Wow! What an inspiring read. I recently hosted a young ladies conference called True Purpose. The Purpose Driven Life , written by Pastor Rick Warren, sparked a lot of inspiring thoughts. It was very helpful in preparation for the young ladies conference. It’s a book that I believe you should read more than once.


SGN: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a concert?

Fayth: Oh, my. We have had a few embarrassing moments on stage. My personal favorite happened at the National Quartet Convention in 2013. Our family had just won the featured showcase. We were ecstatic to be singing a song on the Main Stage. All of the rushing around didn’t give any time to do last minute touch ups! About 20 minutes before we sang, I noticed the bow on my favorite pair of black heels had come off! This was a fashion emergency! That night we had just made some new friends. The Goulds, a group made up of a father and his two daughters, had also won their showcase. Kelsey Gould quickly came to my rescue. She offered me her shoes. However, we had some lag time and I used some taffy candy to re-attach the bow! It stayed on perfectly during our song and the rest of the night! No one ever mentioned noticing anything. So, apparently it was okay!


SGN: Tell us about your latest project:

Fayth: Our latest project, Mount Testimony, was recorded during the summer of 2014. Matthew Browder (executive producer) and Donna King (vocal producer) were a great duo to work with. “It Shall Be Well,” was our first release from this project. “It Shall Be Well” reached #12 in the Singing News Charts. Our current radio single “The Only Way Out Is Through,” is sitting at #36 in the charts. Our Mount Testimony project is filled with a variety of music. But, each song is filled with hope.


We asked Fayth to tell us a little more about herself and The Lore Family. We hope you enjoy it!

Fayth Lore is a 19 year-old teenager whose life is not so average. Of course, like most teen girls, Fayth enjoys finding the best deals at the mall. She loves Italian food, anything covered in chocolate, baking and traveling. However, while other teens are hanging out with friends every weekend, Fayth spends her time ministering with her family. Fayth is the alto singer of the national group, The Lore Family. Their group consists of the Dad (Darren), Mom (Sandy), Daughter (Fayth), and Son (Samuel).   They have been traveling and singing for around nine years. But, their extensive music ministry began February 2014.

Fayth has been a Preacher’s Kid all of her life. For 14 years, she shared the joys with her family of being close to their congregation, Seventh Street Christian Baptist Church. In January of 2014, the family felt led of the Lord to resign from their pastorate position. This enabled them to minister to more congregations. The Lore Family travels almost every weekend. The Lores have conducted over 200 services since resigning from Seventh Street CBC. The family has witnessed over 100 conversions since beginning a more full-time schedule.

According to Fayth, this ministry is something that she knows God has called her into. She says that each time she has the privilege of sharing a stage to sing or speak, it brings fulfillment to her heart. The greatest reward is when she is able to witness souls accepting Christ as their Savior. She says, “That’s what it’s all about!”

Fayth Lore is a person of ambition and dreams. Though she has many short and long-term goals, she plans on working these goals around her singing ministry career. Since graduating from High School in 2013, Fayth has been working towards an associate’s degree in Business Management through Ohio Christian University. She plans on learning all she can to enrich her family’s ministry to make it stronger.

“Worshipping God is my purpose. Ministering for God is my passion,” says Lore. She would ask you to spread the word about her family ministry. Most of all, she asks that you keep them constantly in your prayers.

Thanks so much to Fayth Lore of the Lore Family for being a part of our Fast Five.

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