SGN Scoops’ Fun Fact Friday with the Griffins

The Griffins
The Griffins

Welcome to SGN Scoops’ Fun Fact Friday!

This week we are excited to announce that The Griffins will be attending Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2015. They are also our guests for Fun Fact Friday!

The Griffins are a Southern Gospel trio from Spartanburg, SC. The group has been ministering in churches, events, and festivals for many years. Tim and Angela bring much to the Southern Gospel industry; along with singing, they also are official representatives of Love A Child, Inc., a Christian humanitarian organization. Angela is also news director for Global Promotions.

Recently, The Griffins made some transitions and announced Lyn Westafer as their new soprano.

We are thoroughly excited to get to fellowship with all of them in November, and know they will bring joy to everyone’s hearts that hear them sing. Check out some fun facts about the trio below.

SGN: When did you realize your calling was to sing Southern Gospel music?

Angela Griffin: “I think I’ve always known that my calling was to minister in song. I have a rich heritage in Southern Gospel music. I have often said that my mom taught me the fundamentals of music and God filled me with the anointing. I can remember as a young child my parents standing me up in a chair to sing, just so the congregation could see me. Today, I’m in full time music ministry. I’m very thankful for the calling on my life. I love the lyrics, the music and the heart-felt messages in Southern Gospel songs. It just doesn’t get any better for me!”

Tim Griffin: “When I was a little boy I attended Whitney Free Will Baptist Church in the community where I grew up. I sang in our youth choir for many years and learned to play the piano during those years. One day my dad, who was related to Elmo Fagg, brought home a stack of Blue Ridge Quartet albums a mile high. I started playing the piano along with the albums and learned hundreds of quartet songs. One Sunday in 1975 we had a quartet coming to sing at our church homecoming. I went to church early so I could play piano while they were setting up sound. I knew they were in need of a piano player and I felt certain that if they heard me play, they would ask me to play for them and they did. I knew then this was the path that my life would take, being involved in Southern Gospel music either singing or playing piano.”

Lyn Westafer: “I was raised on Southern Gospel music, with folks like the original Kingsmen and Rex Nelon hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s, and everyone singing around the piano. The summer before my senior year in high school, Brock Spear called and asked me to come be their alto. I had just been elected as head cheerleader and being a typical teenager, opted to cheer instead of singing with the Spears. What was I thinking? I have known since college that my calling was in full time music ministry; to bring people to throne of Jesus through music. The Lord has graciously given me so many opportunities to do just that, like singing with Derric Johnson’s Re’Generation for a few years. I was in Contemporary music for a while and recorded under the Brentwood Music label; however, in 2006 I found myself back in the Gospel world and sang with the Rick Webb Trio. I am so excited to be singing the gospel with The Griffins and my family is thrilled that I’ve come home. God is good!”

2.) Who is your favorite gospel singer and why?

Angela Griffin – “I could never answer this question with just one person or group being my favorite. There have been so many artists that have touched my life through a song or testimony. If you had asked me this question when I was growing up, I would have said the Mighty Kingsmen Quartet hands down! I loved them and still do. I love Karen Peck and New River ending their program with, ‘My God Will Always Be Enough.’ Anything TaRanda Greene sings I love. What a talent and testimony she has. Nelons, Gold City, LeFevres, Collingsworth, Three Bridges, Brian Free and Assurance, Triumphant, Tribute, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, The Bowling Family and… does it get any better than the Crabb Family? I could go on and on.”

Tim Griffin – “I would have to say my favorite gospel singer growing up was Janet Paschal; as a teenager there was just something about her smile that inspired me. She was a phenominal soprano singer and I loved the chemistry she brought to the group. I fell in love with the LeFevres and then of course The Rex Nelon Singers. When I got my driver’s license and had the chance I followed that red, white and blue MCI challenger all over North and South Carolina.”

Lyn Westafer – “I’m not sure I can answer that. There are so many that I love to hear and that I’m inspired by. When I watch the Gaither Homecoming videos, I am always drawn to Vestle and Eva Mae. They remind me of my aunt. They sound like her and look like her. I love the authenticity of so many of our Gospel artists, and it’s the realness that I love more than those incredible voices.”

3.) What other hobbies do you like to do when you’re not on the road?

Angela Griffin – “Like, Post, Comment, Scroll … Facebook! I love social media and promoting Christian artists. It’s a huge part of my job at Global Promotions, but it’s my passion so it never feels like work.”

Tim Griffin – “The only hobby I have currently is being a homebody. When I am home, I enjoy listening to Southern Gospel music and playing my piano. I also enjoy surfing You Tube and staying connected with old friends and family on Facebook. When you travel the country for 40 years, you have the opportunity to experience things that many people never experience. With that being said, it’s easy for home to become your hobby.”

Lyn Westafer – “I have two home businesses and I am a vocal instructor/coach. I love both. Aside from that, I really enjoy hiking, bike riding, and I love digging in the Word of God with my Strong’s Concordance.”

imageThank you so much to The Griffins for being our guests today. We look forward to seeing them and all the artists at Creekside 2015, November 2nd through 5th. For more information on The Griffins, visit their website. For more information on Creekside, see the website or visit them on Facebook.