Beyond the Song: The Taylors sing, “I Pray Every Day”

Beyond the Song: the Taylors sing "I Pray Every day"
The Taylors

Jantina de-Haan Baksteen went Beyond the Song and reached out to the Taylors about their current radio release, “I Pray Every Day,” from their project “Faithful Again.”

This song was penned by two talented writers: Scott Inman and Lee Black. 

What is the story behind the title of this album, “Faithful Again?”

Taylors: “We chose to title the project ‘Faithful Again’ because we wanted to follow up our previous album ‘Hope and Healing,’ with a declaration that God has been faithful to us in the past and we know that He will be faithful again today and in the future.

Beyond the Song: The Taylors sing "I Pray Every Day"
The Taylors

Why did you place “I Pray Every Day” on this project?

Taylors: “‘I Pray Every Day’ is a powerful message to remind us that we should be in constant communication with God. When we do, God transforms our thinking, attitude and heart.”

What message do you want to share when you sing to the crowds who attend your concerts?

Taylors: “We want to share our experiences with our audiences and this song encourages all believers to talk to God like a friend. When we wake up and when we lie down and every minute in between, God listens to our prayers. We want everyone to practice daily prayer because prayer changes things.

Thanks so much to Jantina de Haan Baksteen for taking us Beyond the Song with the Taylors. The members of The Taylors are: Chris Taylor on baritone vocals, Suzanna Hise singing  alto, and Jonathan Taylor on the tenor vocals

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