Beyond the Song: the Williamsons talk about “Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile”

Williamsons Featured on Gospel Greats!

Jantina de Haan went Beyond the Song to ask the Williamsons about their latest hit, “Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile.”

“When we received the song, ‘Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile,’ we had already pretty much settled on our song list for our latest project, ‘Give Them Jesus,'” said Donnie Williamson. “After listening to the demo given to us by one of the writers, Joel Lindsey, we decided to change the song list so we could add this great song. It spoke to us from the very first time we heard it. After recording it, we learned that it was speaking to other people as well. In fact, a pastor friend of ours in West Virginia said he was really struggling with several things in his life and had decided to resign his church. However, he heard this song on the radio one day and it spoke to his heart. It reminded him that God was still with him and would never leave him nor forsake him and the most important thing – It’s all worth it!

Williamson continued, “So many times when we’re on the road and things get difficult and trying, it’s great to be reminded that we will never regret what we do for him when offering our bodies as living sacrifices. No one who has lived their life for Jesus was ever sorry for it when it came their time to leave this world.”

About the Williamsons

The Williamson Family began singing together as a group in 1969 with Woody and Pinky Williamson and their children Donnie and Tennie. They held concerts and revival meetings in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. The group was reorganized in 1998 as The Homesteaders Quartet. This group officially changed their name to The Williamsons in 2008. Members of the Williamsons today include Donnie Williamson and his wife Lisa, their children Sadie and Olivia Williamson, Darin Hebert, Karl Rice, and Bo Chesser. For more information click here.

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