Chrisagis Brothers champion legendary artists Russ Taff and Michael English

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Brian and Shawn Chrisagis with Adam Crabb and Russ Taff

Brian and Shawn Chrisagis with Adam Crabb and Russ Taff

How often do you meet twins who have the same talent, vision and ministry giftings? The Chrisagis Brothers are internationally-known Christian music artists, who annually present a Legends Concert to honor pioneers of Christian music such as Russ Taff, Michael English, Rambo McGuire, Dino, and many more.

Brian and Shawn’s support of artists across Christian music genres has increased their notability in the Southern gospel arena as well, with Christmas concerts featuring Adam Crabb, Russ Taff, Angela Primm, Bonnie Keen, and the Blackwoods.

The Chrisagis Brothers have a strong emphasis on family in their ministry and one reason for this is their heritage. “We are Italian and Greek, so family has always played an important part of our lives,” says Shawn.

“When we were born, we were born with life-threatening allergies and the doctors said we would never live past the age of one year old. We were dying for seven years of our lives and could not go outside because we were allergic to the sun. We couldn’t eat anything but soybean milk, sardines, rice-cakes, and peanut butter.

Chrisagis Brothers

Chrisagis Brothers

Shawn recalls, “Through the love of our strong family, the three generations who lived in one home, including our Mom, Dad, and our Grandparents and our brother Anthony, we twins survived the odds because of love and faith.

“Our Mom always said that the acronym of ‘FAMILY’ stood for Forget About Me, I Love You. Our family lived that daily and at seven years old we were healed,” continues Shawn. “Our Mom became born again and found out how to break the curse of sickness, death and disease in our home in the name of Jesus. When she did that, we were instantly healed.”

The twins’ strong faith is proclaimed nightly in their onstage appearances.

“We want everyone who comes to our concerts to know that Jesus loves them and that they are special,” says Brian. “The message is: ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.’ There is no sin too bad that it can’t be forgiven and we are all sinners saved by grace who need a Savior.

“The concerts we do never talk down to folks, but stir them up with a roller coaster of emotions; like laughing, singing, crying and being moved to receive when we do altar calls,” Brian relates. “We always end the night with people praying the prayer of salvation. People really are touched and leave the concerts different from how they came.”

The Chrisagis Brothers will be turning 50 this March and have many accomplishments to show for their five decades. They have had their own TV series, appeared on Candid Camera, filmed a reality show pilot for A&E, released their own children’s toys and books, and had their own variety shows.

Legends concert artists

Legends concert artists

Throughout the years, the twins have been recognized for their music. Brian and Shawn have been nominated for over 26 awards and won for Best Duo in Music by the Extraordinary People awards. They have their very own radio show called “It’s A God Thing,” that has guests from both Hollywood and the Christian music, such as Cheryl Ladd, Loni Anderson, Joe Penny, Erik Estrada, Jennifer O’Neill, Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen, Cristina Ferrare and more.

The Chrisagis Brothers are busy working on several projects these days in Branson, Missouri, for both stage and television. They are working with Jim Bakker on a new product line soon to be launched, and have appeared on every Christian TV network including TBN, Daystar, Morning Star, Cornerstone, Watchman, Dove Network, etc.

With a trip planned to the Holy Land in April, the twins have a great year ahead. But the one event they are most excited about is Legends 2018, presented August 18 in Dillonvale, Ohio.

Chrisagis Brothers present Legends 2018

Chrisagis Brothers present Legends 2018

The Brothers are working hard on this special concert. “It will be a huge one,” says Brian. “The Legends event will bring five Grammy and Dove Award-winning Christian music artists to one stage, and each will be awarded the Legacy Award for their music that will go on and on for generations.”

Brian and Shawn will be hosting the fourth annual concert, along with Jack Scalia, an Emmy award-winning actor from Dallas, All My Children and Remington Steele.

Brian says he and Shawn are excited about sharing the stage with Scalia. “He has made tons of films and now is working with President Trump for veterans and troops. He has been a friend of the Brothers for the last 18 years.”

The artists joining the Brothers at this year’s Legends event include Russ Taff, Michael English, Phil Keaggy, Jaci Velasquez and Leon Patillo.

Jack Scalia

Jack Scalia

Russ Taff is no stranger to any listener of Christian music, having won five Grammy awards, 19 Dove awards and also been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Michael English, former member of the Gaither Vocal Band, is also a multiple winner of both Grammy and Dove awards. “He received four standing ovations at last year’s Legends (concert),” says Shawn, “and he only sang four songs.”

Phil Keaggy is one of the true pioneers in Christian music and is known as one of the top guitarists in the world.

Actress and Christian music artist – as well as top Latin pop singer – Jaci Velasquez will be joining the Legends as well. She has received eight Dove awards, three Grammy nominations, five Latin Billboard award nominations and an American Music Award nomination.

“Leon Patillo is a true legend in every sense of the word,” says Brian. “Leon was one of the true pioneers. He was the lead singer for the group Santana and then he changed Christian music forever.”

Russ Taff

Russ Taff

Most of the audience will know what to expect from these popular artists, but may not know much about the Chrisagis Brothers themselves. Shawn says, “I think people would be surprised to know that we are what they see. We are real and not phonies.”

Brian adds, “We have met many folks we looked up to, that weren’t exactly what we thought they were; so it is important to us to be what we say we are, and care for those who come to see us in concert.”

“We really take our walk with Christ seriously,” confides Shawn. “None of us are perfect but we should try daily to hit the mark and we truly do try. We make lots of mistakes but we are the first to say it and to apologize when we do.

Michael English

Michael English

“We also want to reach more people with the love and message of Christ. We hope we can do it world-wide, because time is running out, and every day people are dying, and it is up to us as Christians to be the hands, feet, mouth, and eyes of Christ on this earth.

“We pray daily that we reflect Him and that He would send the broken ones that need Him in our path so we can guide them to Him.” Shawn concludes, “That is really what this journey is all about and truly those souls are the only thing we can take to heaven when we leave this world and enter Glory.”

The twins travel all over the states as well, and are available for church concerts, for a love offering plus travel expenses. For more on the brothers and their ministry please click here.

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