Fast Five with Misty Freeman Callaway


Misty Freeman Callaway
Misty Freeman Callaway

This week, SGN Scoops caught up with uber-busy Misty Freeman Callaway of the popular Gospel singing family, The Freemans. The group hit the charts this year with the single, “Lead Me Home” from their latest recording, Voice In The Desert.

Misty admits that her list of things to do on her days off might be different from other people in the industry. As a wife, mother of two, and owner of a busy hair salon, Misty says that when she gets home she hits the ground running.

Fast Five “Things I Do On My Days Off” by Misty Freeman Callaway:

1) Laundry and lots of it, especially kids’ clothes.

2) I’m usually getting kids off to preschool and I head to the salon to take care of my hair clients two to three of the days I’m home. Some weeks I go straight from the bus to the salon back onto the bus. No days off!

3) Grocery shop and cook. After eating fast food and bus snacks for a few days I’m ready for healthy home cooking.

4) Spend time with my husband. Since he doesn’t travel with me, we have to work really hard to connect during the week. We love to go on dates but most weeks our goal is to just get the kids to bed early enough for us to make popcorn and watch a movie alone…before we both pass out!

5) Attend and serve in our home church as a family.

Thanks to Misty for sharing some of her spare minutes with us to answer the SGN Scoops Fast Five. For more information on the Freemans please visit their website at

By Vonda Easley and Lorraine Walker