Prayer Ministry Foundational to 40-Year Success of Trinity Broadcasting Network

LOS ANGELES, — As Trinity Broadcasting Network prepares to celebrate 40 years of taking Christian television to the nations, there are certainly some significant milestones to highlight — such as how the network has grown from one tiny UHF station into the largest religious broadcaster in the world, with 78 satellites beaming the life-changing programming of 18 Christian networks to over 18,000 cable and television stations across the globe.

But nothing is more significant to TBN’s founders, Dr. Paul and Jan Crouch, than the impact of the prayer ministry that began the day TBN was launched. “We knew that a committed team of men and women praying for this ministry and our viewers was key to TBN’s success,” recalled Dr. Crouch, “and we set that ministry in place immediately.”

From the very beginning TBN’s prayer partners were busy praying with viewers for salvation, healing, broken relationships, and countless other needs. And as TBN has grown over the years, the volume of requests for prayer has expanded dramatically. In its first two years, for example, TBN recorded over 18,000 salvations, a number that has exploded to over 36 million.

Donna Recinos, one of TBN’s prayer partners, noted that in June 2012 alone, TBN received nearly 83,000 prayer requests, with hundreds of individuals following up to give praise reports for answered prayers. “The prayer center represents the heart of this network,” she said. “TBN reaches many people who may not even go to church, but they know they have a place to call for prayer 24 hours a day seven days a week.”

Ms. Recinos emphasized that its prayer ministry is one of TBN’s chief means of fulfilling the Great Commission. “So many people over the years have come to Christ after watching TBN programming and calling the prayer line to receive salvation,” she said.

She added that for many viewers, TBN’s prayer center has been a lifeline in times of desperate need. “One call might be from someone contemplating suicide, while the next is from someone battling cancer. Or it might be a parent needing prayer for a child,” she said. “So many contact us later to express their gratefulness for the kindness, encouragement, and compassion they received.”

Reflected Dr. Crouch: “In the midst of all the satellites, studios, and advanced technology that have helped us reach every corner of the earth, we realize that the real power behind TBN is prayer. We’re grateful to God for those He has called to stand with us in that place of special influence.”