SGN Scoops’ Fast Five with Kody Erwin of The Erwins

erwins coverSGN Scoops is continuing with the ongoing Fast Five feature and this week we talk with Kody Erwin of The Erwins. This quartet of three brothers and one sister is taking the Gospel music world by storm, having recently signed with StowTown Records and watching their latest single, “When Justice Called, Mercy Answered” heading up the charts. Kody, Keith, Kris and Katie are capturing hearts of audiences far and wide with their distinct harmonies and new release, Back To The Basics.

SGN Scoops asked Kody Erwin, “What are your five favorite things to do when not traveling and singing?”

image (1)Kody’s answers:

1. Just relax and spend time with family and my fiancé . (Editor’s note: Sorry girls!)

2. Try to play golf everyday, if possible!

3. Hanging out with friends from our hometown we don’t get to see all the time when we’re on the road.

4. I like to play basketball at the house with some friends and family.

5. This could be the best: eating HOME COOKED MEALS! The best food you’ll eat comes from my house I believe!

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By Vonda Easley and Lorraine Walker