SGN Scoops Fast Five: The Griffith Family

The Griffith Family
The Griffith Family

Today on SGN Scoops Fast Five we feature The Griffith Family, a mixed Southern Gospel trio with Mansion Entertainment. Tony Griffith, his wife, Julie and friend Amber Smith have created a rich vocal sound that is Southern, progressive and all their own.

Here is what we found out about this delightful trio:

SGN: What is your latest CD and single release?

Griffiths: Our new cd is self-titled The Griffith Family. Our radio single is called “I’m Here Because Jesus Went There.” One cool thing about this album is that we did it ourselves in our own studio and produced the record ourselves.


SGN: What is your favorite thing to find backstage?

Griffiths:  Our favorite thing to find backstage at a concert venue would be food and a place to relax before a concert.


imageSGN:Who is your favorite person in Southern Gospel?

Griffiths: Our favorite person in Southern Gospel music is Adam Crabb. We have known Adam for years but just recently reconnected. Not only is he a talented singer but we believe that he really loves the Lord and lives what he sings about.


SGN: What would you be doing if you weren’t singing?

Griffiths: It’s difficult for us to really say what we would be doing if we didn’t sing. We don’t like to think about it. If we had to choose: Tony would probably be a musician, Julie would probably be a nurse and Amber would be a counselor of some sort.


SGN: What song do you wish you were the first one to record?

Griffiths: We would have loved to record “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master” first just because it really describes a lot of our testimony.

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