David Davis shapes his vision by adding a new Warrior River Boy

Former Rounder recording artist Bradford Lee “Brad” Folk is enjoying new musical frontier as a Warrior River Boy.

“David Davis has been a hero to me and many of my young friends in Bluegrass,” he said. “We have been following him since his early days and we love traditional bluegrass. When David started stepping out from the traditional stuff and put out his White album it was clear to me he had crossover appeal, and with his current band that is even more true.”

Folk gained national attention as he brought his bluegrass band Open Road to young audiences around the country and gained the attention of Rounder recording three releases including the highly acclaimed CD “Lucky Drive.”

He joined the group at the end of 2009 replacing Adam Duke and after four months on the road with the group that also includes Marty Hays playing bass, Owen Saunders playing fiddle, and Robert Montgomery on banjo, he said he is even more excited about where the band is headed.

“David has a great product, he is the real deal,” he said. “His lineage speaks for itself, he just hasn’t made the connection to that younger audience…..yet. Musically, I think we both come from the roots of our craft and have spent time studying our part of the bluegrass setting and in our own areas we are very well respected. We are both band leaders with different strengths.”

Davis, who was recently inducted into the Alabama Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, latest has led the group for 26 years that has appeared for over two million people in 45 states, all Canadian provinces, and even the Bahamas. He enjoyed a long run on the Cashbox Top Bluegrass Album Charts for his latest Rebel Records CD “Two Dimes and a Nickel.”

He said he is striving to find the sound that helps to carry his vision of his music to wider and newer audiences.

“Brad adds tremendously to what we are doing,” he said. “He is a real traditionalist. He fits in well with the desires we have for the band. He fits in perfectly with the directions we been going the last three albums.”

Davis said that Folk being steeped in the roots of the music is why he considered adding him to the roster when he shared his interest.

“I saw David at Starvy Creek, Mo. and knew I was the guy who should play guitar for him, so that’s what I told him,” Folk said. “I came from a traditional band that through it’s hard work had really made some quick tracks in the business. We focused on young audiences and hip venues to create and sell to a new market, ones that David has yet to make himself accessible to.”

Brad Folk (left) and David Davis prepare to go on stage at a recent concert as other Warrior River Boys set the stage. (Photo courtesy Brad Folk)

Davis sees the new association as an asset that will only broaden the bands appeal.

“I look forward to Brad working with us for a long time,” he said. “I hope that all those who care about our music will welcome him and I hope those that have an interest in what he has done will now open their hearts to all the Warrior River Boys. I am sure our collaborations will whip up some rapids that everyone will enjoy riding.”

For more information about the group, visit www.daviddavisandwrb.com. For more information about Rebel Records, visit www.rebelrecords.com.