Fun News from Ann Downing Ministries: GPS Recalculates Calories

Attempts to save Ann Downing but makes assistant pudgy

Nashville, TN—Loose Lips Lucy, the GPS for Ann Downing Ministries, added a new qualification to her job description this weekend while taking the singer and her assistant to services near Chillicothe, OH.

The duo was in need of mildly caffeinated refreshment, an idea Lucy was agreeable to until the vehicle pulled to the drive-thru and one plain bagel with butter and one glazed donut were ordered.  Two Tim Horton’s coffees entered the vehicle without incident.  The food items prompted Lucy, who had stared silently from the windshield all through ordering, to shout wildly, “Recalculating!  Recalculating!”  Lucy was muted and both bagel and donut were enjoyed in peace.

Later in the evening, having recognized the error of her outburst, Lucy calmly directed the vehicle to “turn left”, an unexpected directive which positioned the ADM chariot at the drive-thru window of Little Caesar’s Pizza.  Both Ann and her assistant are recovering from the attempted mutiny at undisclosed locations in Nashville.  Lucy will undergo map replacement surgery in the coming days.