New Upcoming Release from The Little Roy and Lizzy Show

New Upcoming Release from The Little Roy and Lizzy Show
New Upcoming Release from The Little Roy and Lizzy Show

(Nashville, TN)… StowTown Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of The Little Roy and Lizzy Show’s Going Home. This is the second album under the StowTown banner for the popular gospel bluegrass band, following the successful Good Time, Down Home project released last summer.

“We are so excited about this album!” said Lizzy Long. “All original material from class act songwriters.” Country Music Hall of Fame quartet The Oak Ridge Boys make a special guest appearance on the brand new project with the song “Dinner On The Ground.”

“Being a banjo and bluegrass aficionado, I was thrilled when StowTown cofounder Wayne Haun invited us to sing on a track with Little Roy & Lizzy. Little Roy is one of my banjo heroes, and I have adored the incredible work he has done together with Lizzy,” said Joe Bonsall, longtime member of The Oak Ridge Boys. “It is a real honor for The Oak Ridge Boys to take part in a Little Roy and Lizzy project. Bring IT ON!”

“I am so excited to have The Oaks sing on this album. I grew up listening to them and watching them,” Long added. “To have them on this album is a dream come true! Little Roy is so excited to get a chance to sing with his longtime friends. It feels like a family reunion.”

Wayne Haun shared, “I’ve been working with Little Roy for 22 years now. I keep forgetting that he is, in fact, a legend, a virtuoso and, more importantly, my friend. His performance on this project is stellar. He plays with the fervor of a 22 year old.”

Going Home is a project that will please bluegrass traditionalists as well as gospel music fans. It’s packed with familiar songs like the popular Louvin Brothers’ “When I Stop Dreaming” and  new and original compositions co-written by Long, fan-favorite GMA/Dove Award-winning musician.

Long shared, “This new release is sure to have your foot tapping and your face smiling! We had so much fun making this project.”

Set to release May 5, Going Home is distributed exclusively to retail and digital outlets by Provident-Sony Distribution.

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