New Upcoming Release from Southern Raised

New Upcoming Release from Southern Raised
New Upcoming Release from Southern Raised

(Nashville, TN)…StowTown Records is thrilled to announce the release of a brand new album, Another World, from one of gospel music’s fastest rising family groups, Southern Raised.

“Another World has been a very special project to create. We feel it has dug into our deepest roots and pulled from every aspect of our musical journey and influences,” said Lindsay Reith, the oldest of the fan-favorite sibling quartet from Crane, MO. “In 12 songs, it conveys our hearts through music and our style like never before!”

Southern Raised, a vocal and instrumental group comprised of sisters, Lindsay (bass), Sarah (banjo), and Emily (mandolin and violin), along with their younger brother Matthew (guitar), has received multiple nominations in recent years: Singing News Fan Awards, Diamond Awards, Front Porch Fellowship and SPBGMA Midwest awards, Band of the Year, Vocal Group of the Year and Christian Country Album of the Year.

StowTown Records cofounder, creative director and longtime producer Wayne Haun says of the group, “I haven’t heard harmony this tight since The Andrews Sisters. Add Matthew to the mix, and it sounds like Perry Como and The Andrews Sisters singing gospel. It’s nostalgic, yet fresh.”

This is the freshman StowTown Records project for the popular gospel bluegrass band since coming aboard last August.

“Our first project with Stowtown Records was such an amazing experience! The level of professionalism and quality was always set at the highest bar,” said Lindsay. “Working with Wayne as producer was so incredible! His creative juices mingling with ours seemed to create a recipe for our hearts and style to flow through every note and fulfill every dream we had for the project. His brilliant musical talent certainly left us inspired! In the words of Einstein, ‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on.’ Thanks, Wayne, for passing it on.”

“We were blessed to come together with other great writers for this CD, and the by-product? We co-wrote over half the project,” noted Lindsay. “We also pulled an old classic that everyone knows and loves, ‘I’d Rather Have Jesus,’ and we even did a Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters style song!” Fans will be thrilled to find, by popular request, ‘Beethoven’s 5th’ is also on the album.

Lindsay is a cowriter on the title track, “Another World,” along with Haun and Jeff Bumgardner. She shared, “The inspiration came from a quote I read by C.S. Lewis: ‘If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.’ Truly God’s children have been created for something else, but, while we are here, we want to encourage people to keep pressing on, keep walking, keep serving, and staying true to God and His Word. Be a light and testimony on your journey to another world, and take souls for Christ with you…may God bless you on your way.”

She added, “There is a lot of heart and soul poured into Another World, and we hope and pray it takes the listener closer to God and strengthens their walk.”

Distributed exclusively to retail and digital outlets by Provident-Sony Distribution, Another World is scheduled to release May 5. The StowTown album will be available online and at Christian bookstores and outlets worldwide.